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TBE 11
Unshackling the Soul: Overcoming Demons and Embracing Hope

Imagine the pain of being abandoned by your parents at the tender age of three, struggling to fit in a foreign country without understanding the language, and constantly experiencing abandonment due to your parents traveling back and forth between China and America. John’s experiences led him to battle with depression and suicidal ideation, and although he thought he had been freed from the grip of demons at 19, he realized years later that he needed deep deliverance.

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Triumph Over Turmoil: Zeno Reed’s Path to Liberation Through Exorcism and Trust in God

Join us in this raw and real conversation with my guest, Zeno Reed, as we explore his journey to freedom through exorcism. Together, we discuss the battles Zeno faced to overcome his demons and break free from dysfunctional thought patterns, and the importance of understanding our choices in life. Zeno shares his experiences with exorcism, healing from trauma, and what it takes to truly find freedom.

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Breaking Free from the Chains of Past Traumas

Have you ever wondered if there could be a connection between trauma and demonic possession? Join us as we dive into this eye-opening topic with my special guest, Debbie Bennett, who shares her journey from widowhood to inner healing and deliverance ministry. Through her experiences and her work in exorcism, Debbie sheds light on the ways unresolved trauma can open doors for demonic infiltration and impact our lives.

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