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Breaking Free from the Chains of Past Traumas


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Have you ever wondered if there could be a connection between trauma and demonic possession? Join us as we dive into this eye-opening topic with my special guest, Debbie Bennett, who shares her journey from widowhood to inner healing and deliverance ministry. Through her experiences and her work in exorcism, Debbie sheds light on the ways unresolved trauma can open doors for demonic infiltration and impact our lives.

We discuss the power of exorcism in healing trauma and restoring lives. Hear the story of a woman who was freed from stored memories and disassociated parts that caused her to recoil in fear whenever a man entered the room. We also explore how exorcism helped Debbie personally and how it has shaped her approach to helping others find freedom from past traumas. You won’t want to miss her incredible insights on the transformative power of inner healing and deliverance.

If you’re still struggling with the effects of trauma, Debbie offers words of encouragement and hope. We emphasize the importance of self-evaluation, understanding the impact of trauma on our lives, and opening our hearts to the healing journey. For more valuable content, be sure to check out Liberation Freedom Ministry on YouTube. Tune in to this powerful episode to discover how healing and restoration can truly set you free from the chains of your past.


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  1. This podcast about trauma was very educational and eye-opening. It is a subject we often dismiss because of the difficulty in processing it. This was a reminder that we leave ourselves open for the dark to enter. I will share this with others and appreciate the wisdom that they both shared. Justin’s insight into demons made me examine my own self.

    1. I’m glad you found it helpful. You are correct, ignoring trauma is a wide open door for demons to enter. Instead, go for an exorcism and kick out the demons that are hiding in the trauma so you can emotionally heal.

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