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Tom and Margaret Smiling In Front of Their Display of Mushroom Products

Vanquishing Demons and Healing Through Faith: The Inspiring Story of Tom and Margaret Painter


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Can you imagine leaving behind a life of alcoholism and demonic possession, or finding miraculous healing from lupus and MS? Join us as I sit down with Tom and Margaret Painter, a couple whose inspiring journey of faith, healing, and ministry will leave you in awe. They recount how Tom overcame his demons and received a divine calling, while Margaret experienced a miraculous healing that led her to walk again after 10 years in a power chair.

Together, the Painters have taken their experiences and turned them into a unique mushroom-based business that provides natural products for healing and wellness. Their incredible story doesn’t stop there; Tom and Margaret have also embraced their calling to help others find deliverance and freedom from demonic possession through their ministry. From healing people of cancer and broken bones to casting out demons, their testimony is living proof of the power of faith and divine intervention.

Don’t miss this uplifting episode with Tom and Margaret Painter, as they share valuable insights into the power of deliverance and inner healing. Their journey serves as a beautiful reminder that we can all overcome our personal demons and be used by God in extraordinary ways. So if you’ve been searching for hope and encouragement in your own struggles, join us in this inspiring conversation that will not only touch your heart, but may just change your life.


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  1. Tom and Margaret are the real deal. I’ve known them for more than 10 years and their devotion to God and desire to help others is real. I hope the Lord continues to protect you both in your ministry.

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