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Muslim Becomes a Christian to Escape a Curse of Misfortune!


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Cynthia was a devout Muslim from Africa. She realized that someone had put a curse of misfortune on her. She visited many psychics for help in Africa, but no psychic could help her, and her condition just worsened.
While attending university in America, she became a Christian to escape this curse and only received mild relief from it. Her family was angry that she converted to Christianity so several of her family members cast a curse of death on her to try to get her back to being a Muslim.
Her emotional state of mind, broken finances, and physical sickness were so severe from the witchcraft curses on her life, she contacted me to help her break the curses and deal with her demons. Join us as we talk about her exorcism journey and how Jesus Christ is compassionately freeing her from both the witchcraft curses and her demons.

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