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From Astral Projection to Jesus: Kristy Meyers’ Journey to Freedom and Conquering Demonic Possession


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Have you ever wondered about the world of astral projection and its connection to demonic possession? Join me as I speak with Kristy Meyers, a born-again Christian wife and mother, who shares her incredible journey from being heavily involved in astral projection to finding her faith in Jesus Christ. Together, we explore the hidden dangers of dabbling in the occult and how turning to Jesus Christ can bring true freedom and victory over darkness.

Kristy opens up about her experiences with astral projection, demonic isolation, ancestral curses, and the importance of being vigilant against the enemy’s tactics. She recounts her life-changing encounter with Jesus and how He led her to the truth and freedom she now lives in. We also discuss the power of God to break the chains of darkness and bring healing and deliverance to those who seek it.

Don’t miss this eye-opening conversation as Kristy Meyers and I unveil the counterfeit powers of the enemy and the unmatched power of God to overcome evil. Let her testimony serve as a reminder to always be wary of false spiritual practices and trust in the true power of Jesus Christ to bring healing and freedom.


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Kristy is a stay home mom who raises their daughter and homeschools her. The Meyers is a traditional Christian family. Kristy, I’d like to thank you for coming on to the podcast to talk to us today about astral projection. Welcome to The Blind Exorcist.
Kristy Meyers: Thank you. Glad to be here.
Justin Daubenmire: Excellent, excellent. Let’s dive into your normal life. You’re a mother and your daughter is how old now?
Kristy Meyers: She just turned 16 last week.
Justin Daubenmire: Happy belated birthday. That’s pretty cool. You guys have been married for 19 years?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: How old were you when you guys met?
Kristy Meyers: I was 22 when we met and I was 25 when we got married.
Justin Daubenmire: How’d you guys meet?
Kristy Meyers: We met way back when the internet was first started in a chatroom.
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] You’re going way back there?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. Before they had the–
Justin Daubenmire: Like Match and all these–
Kristy Meyers: Yes. There was no dating sites. It was you put a little profile up and it took an hour and a half to send one picture.
Justin Daubenmire: You guys met in this chatroom?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Then what did you do for a first date? How were you confident to be like, “Hey, I’m going to go meet this guy, he could be crazy but–”
Kristy Meyers: My sister, she was younger, she’s nine years younger, and she was doing the internet. We had just got the internet. I only had three, four years. I didn’t have a cell phone. There was nothing [crosstalk]–
Justin Daubenmire: This internet, was it dial-up access-
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: -or the phone lines. Oh my gosh.
Kristy Meyers: Well, I think we just got it to where it wasn’t dial-up anymore.
Justin Daubenmire: It was cable probably.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, it was through the cable.
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] I used to work as a tech support person for a local internet service provider right out of college for two years actually. How about that. A crazy blind guy offering tech support to all these people fixing their computers, their modems, all that stuff, and they never knew. They never knew. Anyhow, sorry. [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: My sister, I was like, “What are you doing?” She’s like, “Oh, you can talk to people in your area and meet people online.” I was like, “Oh.” She made me this little profile. It had my name and my interests and things I like to do. Then it was like, “Are you single?” It said, “Looking for Mr. Right.”
Justin Daubenmire: Oh.
Kristy Meyers: That’s what she put in there.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s cool.
Kristy Meyers: She turned me around, and I remember this little tiny things. She sat me down and she goes, “Now sit down and meet your Mr. Right.” She laughed at me.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re in this room and you meet Gary?
Kristy Meyers: I’m in the room and this guy messages me and it says, “I could be your Mr. Right.”
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] What a pickup line. [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: I just started laughing. I’m like, “He’s a serial killer. Everybody on here they’re crazy.” I’m like, “I am not meeting anybody on the internet. No way.” At the time I had just broke up with a boy that I was dating, that I thought that I was going to marry and be in love with and, “He’s coming back for me. I have to be ready.”
Justin Daubenmire: I got you.
Kristy Meyers: He never came back for me, and I thank the Lord that he didn’t.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, count our blessings.
Kristy Meyers: [chuckles] We started talking in the chatroom. I wouldn’t give him my phone number because I didn’t know him and I was really scared.
Justin Daubenmire: How quick was it before he asked?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, he asked probably the next day. He’s like, “Let’s talk on the phone.” I’m like, “No way.”
Justin Daubenmire: Now wait a minute. I’m sorry to interrupt, but did you guys have pictures of each other on there or no?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, it’s a really funny story. I sent him a picture of me and he saw the picture and was like, “This is it. We’re done.” He sent me a picture and it was him– He was a bowler, so he sent me this picture of him holding this bowling ball and his trophy.
[bowling noises]
Kristy Meyers: I just thought, no.
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] Were you expecting the football player or what? [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He just was not my type. I’m like, “You bowl? Who’s 23 and bowls at a bowling league?”
Justin Daubenmire: You’re like, “This dude’s a nerd,” basically was what you’re thinking.
Kristy Meyers: Basically really nerdy. He lives four miles from my house.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh my gosh. That’s close.
Kristy Meyers: He lived really close. I would drive past his apartment all the time and didn’t know he lived there. I’m like, “You live really close to me.” He sent me the picture or the bowling picture. I remember calling my mom over. I’m like, “Oh my God, come look at this guy.” [laughs]
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] You were laughing at this.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. What’s really funny is after the other guy broke my heart, I remember praying to the Lord and saying, “Obviously I’m doing everything wrong. You’re going to pick the next one.” I gave it to the Lord to bring me– I told him, “You bring me somebody because I’m doing it. Obviously, I’m [crosstalk] picking out the guy”
Justin Daubenmire: You were what? 22 years old at this point?
Kristy Meyers: I was 22.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s a remarkable level of, I guess, emotional intelligence submission at that age to be able to say, “Lord, you take over.”
Kristy Meyers: I was a baby. I just found the Lord then. I was a baby, baby Christian. I remember having my first conversation with God and Him saying, “I want all of you.” I remember debating with him going, “Well, I’ll give you this, but not that.”
Justin Daubenmire: Don’t we all do that? [laughs] Isn’t it so much better when you actually give it all?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. It took me a while to finally give it all.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re looking at Gary with your mom. You guys are snickering over this guy. [crosstalk] How did you– Good.
Kristy Meyers: My mom is like, “He’s so cute. He’s so cute.” I was like, “I guess.” He had hoop earrings. I remember thinking, well, only pirates wear earrings and I don’t see any pirates here.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: He was trying.
Justin Daubenmire: What year was this wearing hoop earrings? What year was this?
Kristy Meyers: That would’ve been, we got married in 2003.
Justin Daubenmire: This was 2000, basically right around there.
Kristy Meyers: Around 2000.
Justin Daubenmire: He’s wearing hoop earrings. Interesting.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He was a bowler, and he worked for an electrical company but he was funny.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s cool.
Kristy Meyers: He made me laugh. I thought he was hilarious and he was fun to talk to and I gave him my phone number.
Justin Daubenmire: What’d you think when you first heard his voice?
Kristy Meyers: He had a very nice voice. He was nice.
Justin Daubenmire: Awesome.
Kristy Meyers: He was a nice guy. He wasn’t trying to get something from me and that was rare.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, absolutely.
Kristy Meyers: He wasn’t just talking to me to-
Justin Daubenmire: Get you in bed.
Kristy Meyers: -get me in bed.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: Basically, he enjoyed talking to me so we talked for about a month, and then he was I’d really like to meet you. I’d like to take you on a date and I was still scared.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: Even I was, and at that point, I didn’t believe in jumping from one relationship to another, and I hadn’t let go of the past yet. I was still holding on to that hurt and that pain.
Justin Daubenmire: Sure.
Kristy Meyers: All, everything that I had gone through, and I’m like “I’m just going to drag you down with me. I’m waiting for –”
Justin Daubenmire: What you’re saying is at that point you were a wreck.
Kristy Meyers: I was a hot mess.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re really working through it and in comes Gary.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and then in comes Gary.
Justin Daubenmire: You meet him for a date.
Kristy Meyers: I had him come so my mom was like, I’m like “I’m scared too, what if something happens?” She’s like “Invite him over, we’re having spaghetti dinner tonight. Invite him over for spaghetti dinner, and if he can make it through spaghetti dinner, not everybody’s going to hurt you Kristy.” I was like “Okay. All right Gary, if you want to meet me, we’ll have a spaghetti dinner at my house at like seven o’clock. Come over for a spaghetti dinner and we’ll see how it goes.” He’s like “Deal.”
Justin Daubenmire: Mama mia.
Kristy Meyers: He shows up with flowers for me, my mom, my sister. All right.
Justin Daubenmire: What a charmer.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s cool.
Kristy Meyers: I was so damaged and I was like, “Okay, thanks.” Well, what a suck up.
Justin Daubenmire: Did you just throw them aside?
Kristy Meyers: Yes, basically. I was like–
Justin Daubenmire: Mom, where’s the trash can. We need to drop these in there.
Kristy Meyers: I look back, I’m like, “Oh man. Oh, you really fought for me, honey. You really did.”
Justin Daubenmire: Obviously–
Kristy Meyers: We had a great dinner.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s what I was going to say. For him to show up to meet this family, dude, that’s bold.
Kristy Meyers: He knew that I was hurting, he knew and there was no pressure. I’m not here because I want to date you, Kristy.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s wonderful.
Kristy Meyers: I just want to be around you. I want to be your friend. I just want to get to know you. No pressure. There’s no pressure. If I take you on a date, it’s not because you have to have sex with me.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. That’s wonderful. Thank God you found someone like that because that’s extremely rare, as we both know.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and I recognized it.
Justin Daubenmire: I got to point out, you gave that area of your life to Jesus Christ.
Kristy Meyers: I gave it to the Lord.
Justin Daubenmire: Look what he brought you. I think that’s important to mention because so many people, even younger people are at this phase in their life where I got to find someone to date. Or I got to find someone to get married to. There’s all this pressure societally in society that why, I never did understand the pressure and everything to when are you going to get married? Then after that, when are you going to have kids? All of this foolishness, all this pressure.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. That’s how I was back then. I was so focused. I didn’t really start, I had a boyfriend when I was 15 till I was 21. Was a great guy and we broke up when I was 21 because I knew that I– the Lord told me that I wasn’t supposed to marry him and that I wasn’t for him.
Justin Daubenmire: The Lord told me, no and I didn’t listen and I’m married, and 15 years later divorced. I built an entire family. I got four kids so for anyone listening, if the Lord tells you no about someone in this area, please listen to what he’s telling you.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. It was such a definitive no, I started crying in the bathroom at Red Lobster and I hadn’t really ever heard the Lord’s voice before. It hit me over the face and he told me, it was like it’s a no, and he goes, I have somebody else for Brian.
Justin Daubenmire: Didn’t he tell you he had someone for you?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He said “I have somebody for you. You’re just going to have to wait on me.”
Justin Daubenmire: Oh boy. Here we go with the waiting game. Boy, he loves that waiting game.
Kristy Meyers: He loves that waiting game. I walked out of that bathroom and Brian’s like “We just had a great dinner.” I walked out of the bathroom and got in his car and I just started bawling, and I’m like “God just told me that it’s a no; that he has somebody else for you and it’s not me.”
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: He’s like “What are you talking about?” Because he hadn’t found the Lord. He was like, “You can do that Jesus thing.” He wasn’t really on board with it and I was just dabbling with God.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh. I get you.
Kristy Meyers: I wasn’t even in church. I just basically opened up my Bible because my life was starting to fall apart.
Justin Daubenmire: You end things with Brian. Gary’s on the scene, he’s having dinner, you’re throwing away his flowers.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I thought that if God was going to bring me somebody, he’s not going to– Gary had never been to church, really. He didn’t have any relationship with Jesus. There was no Jesus there, I’m like “You’re not going to bring me–” Of course, God’s going to bring me this pastor.
Justin Daubenmire: Right.
Kristy Meyers: He’s going to bring me somebody who at least has a relationship with the Lord that is in a church that knows God.
Justin Daubenmire: Well obviously the Lord knew that Gary was open to it.
Kristy Meyers: He brought me, somebody that–
Justin Daubenmire: Was open.
Kristy Meyers: -was open to it and we had a really great dinner and I sent him away, like “Well bye. Here’s a little hug. Bye.” Then he called me the next day and he’s like “What are you doing?” I’m like “I’m busy.” I was not busy, I was waiting for Michael to come back and rescue me. That’s how damaged I was, and I’m like “As soon as I get involved with this guy, he’s going to come back, and then I’m going to have to hurt Gary because I’m definitely going to go back with Michael.”
Justin Daubenmire: Even though the Lord told you no.
Kristy Meyers: No the Lord, Michael was–
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, this is a different one.
Kristy Meyers: -he did go to church. Michael was the first guy that I really liked after I broke up with Brian.
Justin Daubenmire: With Brian. I’m with you. I got it.
Kristy Meyers: He was really cute. He was successful. He had his own house. He was romantic. I never had to hold my coat anywhere.
Justin Daubenmire: I see.
Kristy Meyers: He always opened the doors. He told me–
Justin Daubenmire: He was really leave it to beaver.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. You’re so– did I tell you how beautiful you are today, Kristy? You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I am so in love with you.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh my gosh. There are women listening to you right now that are vomiting because they are like this is so thick. That’s what these, some of the women listening are saying, oh my God. There’s just no way but it worked for you. That’s awesome. Gary’s still on the scene.
Kristy Meyers: Gary’s still holding on and I remember he knew the first, he said, the first time that I saw you, I knew that I was going to marry you.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s cool.
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t know the Lord, but he told me that you were the one, and I was supposed to fight for you, and if I just gave you time, you would come around.
Justin Daubenmire: Obviously you did.
Kristy Meyers: Right. It took years. I finally came around.
Justin Daubenmire: Then you guys got married. Well, you dated Gary for about two years, right?
Kristy Meyers: I did. No, I dated him. Then as me and Gary– I would say, “I’m busy. I can’t go out with you.” He basically literally showed up at my house one day after I told him- because he was like, “I know you’re not doing anything.”
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: He showed up, I was in my pajamas. Looked a wreck. He came over and my mom’s like, ” Gary’s here.” I’m like, “What? I told him I was going out.” I wasn’t. He’s standing at the bottom of my stairway with this stupid little grin on his face, going, “Get dressed. We’re going out.” I was like, “No,” I’m basically waiting for Michael to come get me. We had probably been talking about three months at that time. I went out and he took me to go play putt-putt golf and go-karting.
Justin Daubenmire: How fun. What a good pick. Good guy.
Kristy Meyers: I had no makeup on. I probably didn’t shower that day.
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] Do you have long hair?
Kristy Meyers: I have long blonde hair down to my waist.
Justin Daubenmire: So you probably ponytailed it back as a grease ball?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I was like, “One look at this and he’s definitely going to give up.”
Justin Daubenmire: [laughs] That is so funny.
Kristy Meyers: I had the best time.
Justin Daubenmire: That is so cool.
Kristy Meyers: I did with Gary, what was the difference between Gary and Michael was I had to pretend to be something I wasn’t with Michael. He was going to marry– He wanted to be one of the Jones. He wanted a successful wife that put on a show that everybody could be like, “Yes, we’re the power couple.”
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, the fake face.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: The trophy wife.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He liked the way that I looked. He liked the way that he looked when I was with him because I’m a very beautiful girl.
Justin Daubenmire: Says you. [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: Says me.
Justin Daubenmire: I’m kidding. I can’t see, obviously. I’m blind.
Kristy Meyers: Right, but I’ve never had a problem getting a date or having a guy like me.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it.
Kristy Meyers: I present myself, I clean up real nice. Gary was just like he didn’t care.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, he didn’t care about any of that.
Kristy Meyers: No. He knew I was beautiful. He thought I was the most beautiful.
Justin Daubenmire: He cared more about you.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. It didn’t matter if we went out and I looked like I had just put some pants on and a T-shirt.
Justin Daubenmire: Crawled out of bed [laughs].
Kristy Meyers: No. He was like, “We’re going to go have fun, and it’s okay if you’re not ready.”
Justin Daubenmire: That’s cool.
Kristy Meyers: There is one thing that I do need to say-
Justin Daubenmire: Go ahead.
Kristy Meyers: -that I think is really, really important and might give a lot of people encouragement when it comes to allowing the Lord to choose the person that he wants you to be with. When I was at my church, I had not seen Brian.
Justin Daubenmire: Now, Brian was your first love?
Kristy Meyers: The first love.
Justin Daubenmire: The red lobster guy?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. The one that I dated from 15 to 21, and the Lord said, “No.”
Justin Daubenmire: Now, He said no because he had someone for Brian and someone for you at the time.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re at church?
Kristy Meyers: At that church, and I’m there with my husband and my daughter. We are working in the middle school ministry on a Sunday and down walks Brian.
Justin Daubenmire: Married, I’m assuming.
Kristy Meyers: He was married and he had two little girls with them. I had not seen Brian since the day that I told him, “God says no.” I broke up with him that day.
Justin Daubenmire: What was this like when you guys seen each other? Was it a double take or was it smiles? Was it like, “Oh, my gosh?”
Kristy Meyers: He walked down and he looked at me. I see he had two little girls, one on each arm. One at the time was seven and the other one was nine. He walked up to me and just put his arms around me and gave me a big hug. He was visiting downstairs in the middle school ministry. We still had all the teenagers around. Gary’s down there. Gary knew who Brian was. He gives me this big hug. We realized, “Whoa. This is your daughter. These are my kids.” He introduces me to his two daughters. I introduced him to my daughter.
Justin Daubenmire: How awesome is this? Now, guys, this is so cool because listen to this, guys. This is mint. She listens to God, calls things off with this man, Brian, years ago. God said he had someone for Brian, someone for you.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: How many years had passed now since we’re talking 14, 15 years? How many?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, at least.
Justin Daubenmire: At least. Now, here you are seeing God’s word proven. That’s key. Proven.
Kristy Meyers: It was 19 years later. He lets me go and he takes my hands and he says, “Kristy, it took me 3 years, 6 months, and 10 days until God brought me Dawn.”
Justin Daubenmire: Wow! Here we are back to–
Kristy Meyers: “The minute that I saw her, I knew that is who you were talking about and your Jesus was talking about. Not only did Dawn bring me to the Lord. I love the Lord.”
Justin Daubenmire: That’s awesome.
Kristy Meyers: “We’re raising our daughters to love the Lord.”
Justin Daubenmire: That is so awesome.
Kristy Meyers: “Thank you, Kristy, for trusting Him and letting me go.”
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, hallelujah. I know you’re crying, but I’m like, “Dude, this is amazing.” Oh, Lord, you’re so cool.
Kristy Meyers: This is so powerful.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, it’s so powerful.
Kristy Meyers: What was so amazing and the way that God did it is He did it in front of my daughter. She got to witness it. She got to see what happens when you trust the Lord.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. Guys, catch what’s going on here. Rewind this and listen to this. You got to understand what’s going on here, especially those of you waiting to find someone to marry and/or date, or you know you’re in the wrong relationship and God’s telling you to get out, listen to what Kristy is sharing. The reality of how true and faithful that God is. The key is being patient. Yes, this Brian guy had to wait over three years. Kristy, I don’t know. You had to be patient as well in many areas of your life, even with Gary.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s the key. This is amazing, wonderful encouragement. People who are listening, be encouraged, be inspired. Give it up to Jesus Christ. Give it up to God. Say, “I’m going to wait. I’m going to be obedient.” Otherwise, you’re going to wind up like me divorced [laughs]. Don’t be German like me, real stubborn, right? Don’t be German, man. Just listen to the Lord. He’s got your best interest in mind. This is proof.
Kristy Meyers: If I would have married Brian, we would have been okay. That’s the thing. We would have had a good marriage. We probably would have made it. We loved each other. We cared about each other. He was my best friend, but I would have robbed Dawn of her soulmate.
Justin Daubenmire: And Gary.
Kristy Meyers: And Gary, and me. Just because you could get married to somebody and it’s not going to be the worst marriage doesn’t mean that it’s God’s marriage. It would have been my choice, and I would have never–
Justin Daubenmire: You wouldn’t have experienced the fullness of–
Kristy Meyers: Of who Jesus really was and is.
Justin Daubenmire: Right. This is awesome.
Kristy Meyers: It was — [crosstalk].
Justin Daubenmire: This is like some Hallmark movie. This is just amazing.
Justin Daubenmire: This has been great getting to know you, Kristy, Gary, your daughter, your life experiences. What we have here, guys is your blond-haired blue-eyed American traditional girl. Nothing sticking out here as somebody that’s crazy, unstable. Very, very normal life. The only reason I mention this is because that’s what I want you guys to see. The people that I have come on here, the guests that I have come on here are normal functional people in society who were demon-possessed.
Now, let’s transition into astral projection. Now, there are some people listening that have absolutely no clue what the word astral projection even means. Can you take maybe 20 seconds and just explain? I know it’s probably a little difficult. I’m hoping you can just give a brief introduction because I’d like to guide you through it and dissect this in-depth with you. Just a brief description. What does this mean?
Kristy Meyers: An out-of-body experience. People talk about having an out-of-body experience, and astral projection is when your soul leaves your body.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s simple enough right there. Let’s just pin that. That’s astral projection, your soul, your mind, and your emotions leave your body.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and your spirit, where the Holy Spirit is, stays in your body, that doesn’t go with you. It’s separate, so your mind, your will, your emotions, feelings, that leaves your body and you are able to go into different dimensions, different [crosstalk]–
Justin Daubenmire: Different dimensions of reality. Different planes so to speak.
Kristy Meyers: Different planes of existence. Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: There’s a lot of people. This is a huge new-age practice today. It’s gained a lot of momentum, and there’s a lot of college students who some of them just dabble in it. Others really are into it. You yourself, I mean, you were really into this, correct?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes, they don’t call witchcraft. It is a craft because you are working at it.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it.
Kristy Meyers: It’s a skill, you have to practice.
Justin Daubenmire: How did you get introduced to astral projection?
Kristy Meyers: I was 15 when it started.
Justin Daubenmire: When you say started, what do you mean?
Kristy Meyers: I remember being 15 years old, and lying in my bed, getting ready to go to sleep, and I felt a gentle caress like down my back like somebody was rubbing my back.
Justin Daubenmire: Comforting you.
Kristy Meyers: Comforting me. It was like this comfort and I remember flying out of my bed thinking it was my boyfriend at the time Brian, who had snuck back in my house and went up to my room and was rubbing my back. I thought my mom is going to kill me, you’re not supposed to be in my bed. What are you doing?
Justin Daubenmire: So you were startled?
Kristy Meyers: I was very startled, because it felt real, and I thought it would– he just left.
Justin Daubenmire: Something is caressing you?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: With a sense of warmth like empathy, compassion, love this sort of vibe going on?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I remember looking around my house. I went to the stairs. I was looking. I was like “What was that?” Eventually, I went back to sleep, and I laid back down and it started up again, but it was this gentle, shh, it’s going to be okay. I couldn’t hear, it wasn’t like a voice that I could hear talking in this world, I guess, it was in my head.
Justin Daubenmire: Is in your head, so this is a paranormal phenomenon?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. This is and they described, I’m your spirit guide.
Justin Daubenmire: You heard this in your head?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: This invisible thing which I’ll call it a demon but we’ll say spirit guide let’s keep it out of the Christian realm for now.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: You have a spirit guide caressing your back, talking to you like you’re a baby, comforting you it’s going to be okay-
Kristy Meyers: Yes, comforting me.
Justin Daubenmire: -you little baby girl, this type of, and you’re hearing this in your mind?
Kristy Meyers: Yes-
Justin Daubenmire: Plain as day?
Kristy Meyers: -but I could feel it.
Justin Daubenmire: Was it plain as day?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes.
Justin Daubenmire: You could feel it. What did you feel?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, I could feel, it felt just as real as somebody that was sitting on the side of my bed, I could feel the indentation of the bed.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it. Actually quite common for people who have experiences like this in the middle of the night. I’ll digress on that but go ahead.
Kristy Meyers: I had already been a very lucid dreamer my whole life. I felt like I was connected to that in some way, I would have sleep paralysis, really horrible–
Justin Daubenmire: This is around this time or even before?
Kristy Meyers: Before. I was a very lucid dream, I could control my dreams, I felt like why would you walk in your dreams, I can fly.
Justin Daubenmire: Right, I got you. This thing what is it trying to do, I mean, what’s the point of this thing rubbing your back and whispering to you and all this carrying on?
Kristy Meyers: As it was comforting me it was wanting me to invite it in. I thought that I didn’t know the Lord, but I knew that Jesus is real, I knew about, I thought like angels and everything is the white light so-
Justin Daubenmire: You had this kind of–
Kristy Meyers: -I thought that this was God because it felt pure and wonderful and-
Justin Daubenmire: Loving.
Kristy Meyers: -this can’t be evil, yes, this is pure love that made me feel like I was so special. Like you are so beautiful, and if you just invite me in, if you just accept me and invite me in, then I’m going to comfort you in so many ways.
Justin Daubenmire: Interesting.
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t know what astral projection was like, I didn’t know anything, and I had no idea.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s what I was going to say at this point, you’re 15 years old you have no clue, but this is–
Kristy Meyers: At 15 years old, I’m a teenager, I’m a freshman in high school going through all that garbage.
Justin Daubenmire: Even that first experience, did you say “Come on in,” or did it take a few times?
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t think that, so I didn’t say, “Oh, come in.” All I had to do to open that door was just surrender to it.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it.
Kristy Meyers: That’s all it took to open the door. That’s all he needed was for me to just lay there and except the comfort.
Justin Daubenmire: You said that’s all he needed. Was this spirit guide male?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. It portrayed itself as an older man-
Justin Daubenmire: Wiser.
Kristy Meyers: -wise, not I’m going to say like Jesus or anything, but it was like-
Justin Daubenmire: It’s really going to teach you.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and I didn’t know it was going to teach me anything. I didn’t know anything.
Justin Daubenmire: You surrender to this thing.
Kristy Meyers: I just surrender to the comfort.
Justin Daubenmire: Well, obviously ignorantly, I mean, you’re 15 years old.
Kristy Meyers: It felt it was, I was at the time going through a lot. I had depression and sadness, and I had experienced things.
Justin Daubenmire: Here comes this spirit guide to make it all go away.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and he’s just let me just rub your back, and I just thought it was just this gentle caress that was going to help me fall asleep.
Justin Daubenmire: This was an escape from your pain.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Interesting. Do you think that’s common for a lot of people into this? The escape concept?
Kristy Meyers: I think a lot of it people want to escape reality. I think that the devil uses different tactics for different people, and this was a tactic that he used on me.
Justin Daubenmire: At this point, you surrender to this false comfort is what I’ll call it false, but anyhow, you surrender to this thing, when was the first time your soul, your mind, and emotions left your body with this “spirit guide” when did that happen?
Kristy Meyers: It takes time. It didn’t just happen. It’s not like the next day, I was floating out of my body going on these, I was in the spirit realm and experiencing all this stuff. The demon, you have to open the door. There has to be a door open, and once that door is open, he would show me but I still had to do it free will. I still had to do the work to learn how to do it.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it. This is the concept of the craft that you’re talking about.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, that he could use me going there, me opening these doors allowed the demons to infect my life, my outside world, the guys that I dated, the situations that I was in. I had this that what I’m doing I think is good and pure and white light, and he’s tricking me into thinking I’m special and everything.
Justin Daubenmire: Probably even a sense of arrogancy, you’re above everybody.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re so much more wise than these people.
Kristy Meyers: I knew it all at age 16.
Justin Daubenmire: Right, and all these other people are such fools, they don’t even understand that there’s all these planes.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes, I thought that I had it all figured, the top, I had it all figured out. You are just a mere mortal, I’m a god.
Justin Daubenmire: The last episode three, I had a friend of mine Bill on and he put this so succinctly. He said, “When you open the door to the devil, in any area of your life, you come into agreement.”
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: “When you come into agreement with the devil, he will wreak havoc in your life,” and you’re saying the same thing but what you’re saying is you’re warm and fuzzy with this spirit guide using astral projection, which I’d like to get in a little bit more but in the same hand, other areas of your life are being destroyed specifically-
Kristy Meyers: Most definitely.
Justin Daubenmire: -in the relationships.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes. Friendships I never had a friend in high school. I had Brian. I had the guy I was dating. That was a good relationship but in high school nobody– It was weird. I never got bullied. I was a nice person, good personality. Everybody ignored me. It was weird.
Justin Daubenmire: Well, this is a demonic phenomenon that happens and that is demonic isolation.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: This is what you experienced.
Kristy Meyers: You have to be isolated so I had time to do the craft I didn’t have time to have friends. I didn’t have time to go on dates.
Justin Daubenmire: The devil doesn’t want a person– when a person is demon-possessed, he does not want you to be bonded with any other people. He tries to limit your friendship. He loves control, domination, and manipulation. That’s ultimately what it’s about, and what’s so deceitful about it is the whole time you think you’re in control.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, I thought I had everything in control.
Justin Daubenmire: When I say you think you’re in control, I don’t mean you necessarily Kristy, I mean anybody, even including myself. I thought I was the man. I had everything under control, and the whole time I was being controlled.
Kristy Meyers: I call it training. I was being trained by this demon to learn this craft and it took years. The first year, all I could do when the caressing started, I felt this numbing feeling over my body. I couldn’t describe it. I remember trying to tell my mom “I just get this really calming, numb feeling, this buzzing feeling and it feels really good, and it feels like your hands falling asleep, but it feels really good. Does that ever happen to you?” She’s like “No. If you weren’t telling me this, Kristy I’d think you were crazy.”
Justin Daubenmire: It makes sense to me. Of course, I’m an exorcist, I talk with people.
Kristy Meyers: Right nobody, so I–
Justin Daubenmire: Well, let me say this Kristy, I think people do experience a lot of this stuff and they don’t talk about it because they don’t want people to think they’re crazy. For anybody listening, I’m going to tell you straight up, I don’t think you’re crazy. I do not think you are crazy.
Kristy Meyers: I found out, I had told my mom about things that I was experiencing, but I never told my dad. My parents have been married 44 years. My dad was there, but I just had a better relationship with my mom.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it.
Kristy Meyers: I found out, it wasn’t until years later that I sat my dad down and told him about the astral projection. He goes “Oh that used to happen to me all the time when I was younger. I know exactly what you’re talking about.”
Justin Daubenmire: People have ancestral curses on their life of witchcraft and the devil paints this as though it’s a gift. “Oh, ever since a little child, you would see dead boys and girls walking around you, and they would talk to you, and you could see them because you’re special. You have a gift.” You’re not special. You’re deceived. You don’t have a gift. You have a curse on your life. You have demons.
Kristy Meyers: Exactly. I think my dad could do this. It was passed on to me and it’s passed so that was the open door. I could always do it. It was preparing me from a very young child with the dreaming and all of that until I was 15. Then it kept preparing me little by little until I was about 18, and by the time I was 18, I could leave my body in my bedroom. I could stand up. I couldn’t open my eyes, and that’s a big thing. I couldn’t open my eyes. I would try and they were always glued shut, but I could sit up, I could feel around, I could take a cup, I could open a drawer, and I would put something in the drawer and then close the drawer and then try to wake up and see if it was in there.
Justin Daubenmire: Would it be in there?
Kristy Meyers: No. The cup was never in there, but I would go back into the astral realm and I would go and open the drawer and the cup would be there.
Justin Daubenmire: Got it. Go ahead.
Kristy Meyers: I could feel I got and I was like, there’s two different- I’m in a different place that’s like this is the same structure, same thing but if I move something here, it doesn’t get moved in reality. If my mom was in the kitchen, I couldn’t astral plane it to the kitchen and move a pot, she wouldn’t see it flying across the room.
Justin Daubenmire: I could see the appeal of why this would be appealing to people, especially the escape aspect. You take someone who’s been through a lot of abuse, you take somebody that has been rejected their entire life. See, the devil loves to come in and counterfeit the love of God in any way possible to keep you the listener from experiencing true love. Not fake false love, but true love of God. Now you’re starting to get out of your body.
Kristy Meyers: I’m starting to get out of my body, moving around my house, feeling and stuff. I was 19 years old, I’m at a garage sale and there’s a book on the table. There’s two books that I bought that day. I bought was it Interpreting Your Dream Book and a book by Sylvia Browne.
Justin Daubenmire: Old Sylvia.
Kristy Meyers: Nobody knows who Sylvia Browne is. She was a medium that used to be on the Montel Williams Show back in the ‘90s and would talk to dead people and she was the real deal. She definitely had the demons that were telling her all of her stuff but I used to watch every episode of Montel Williams when she was on there. She went on every week on Wednesday I was glued. When I found one of her books and it was a book on visiting, it was called Visiting the Other Side. She was going to teach me how to go to the other side to see my dead relatives. You could put yourself in a trance and go visit people that have died.
Justin Daubenmire: How sad.
Kristy Meyers: Very satanic book and that’s what the devil does is he gets you in one area of the witchcraft and then you dabble in other areas and other areas.
Justin Daubenmire: If you’re a Christian listening and you always find yourself uncomfortably being drawn toward witchcraft of any kind, you’re drawn toward always paranormal movies. You’re always drawn toward even simple things like that.
Kristy Meyers: The ghost hunters on TV.
Justin Daubenmire: Ghost hunting and all this stuff. This is a symptom that you could be, I’m not saying you are but that you could be under an ancestral curse passed on to you.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, I was, that’s all I used to watch.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s what I’m saying. You’re born with this witchcraft curse from your father’s side. Now what was he, what was his ethnicity?
Kristy Meyers: His mama’s full Scottish and he’s Scottish and-
Justin Daubenmire: You know the other side or no? I mean Scottish is bad enough, right? There’s a lot of-
Kristy Meyers: My mom was, she’s French Canadian Irish.
Justin Daubenmire: You got all kinds of fun stuff there.
Kristy Meyers: I got it. Double whammy almost.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re born with these ancestral curses. Your father’s doing it. People try to reject the idea that all these innocent babies could be born with some demon in them or a curse on them. Listen, I mentioned this in episode two when I interviewed Diane Barry that we can pass on brown eyes. In your case, blue eyes, blonde hair. Your height genetically passed on. Why can’t we pass on demons? We pass everything else on.
Kristy Meyers: Most definitely. My whole family now that I know what I know even my cousins that I have now, they’re highly involved in witchcraft. They do Tarot card Readings, they’re all in– I wouldn’t even look at a horoscope, no. I’m like, get that away from me because it’s witchcraft and that’s how it starts. I find this book of the Dream Book and in the Dream Book there is about four pages and on top it says astral projection. I start reading it and it starts describing the things that I can do.
Justin Daubenmire: That you’ve been doing?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Which you previously did not have a name for.
Kristy Meyers: I did not have a name for it.
Justin Daubenmire: Interesting.
Kristy Meyers: It talked about the tingling and the buzzing that I felt from the demon because I believe he jump-starts it, he turns it on and I would have to practice. I couldn’t do it by myself. It’s always a demon that starts this process.
Justin Daubenmire: Isn’t it always? [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: No matter what area of your life, it is.
Kristy Meyers: In the book, it was like you have to get your vibration moving. It wasn’t telling it was my vibration, you have to have it flowing. The faster you get your vibration, the more power you have. You can open your eyes. The demon made sure I found that book.
Justin Daubenmire: Absolutely. You just didn’t find it randomly.
Kristy Meyers: No–
Justin Daubenmire: That’s another concept. I’m sorry to interrupt because this is getting good. I’m going to shut up in a minute, but I just want to point this out. Many people who are demon-possessed, they don’t know it. They just think it’s, whatever. They are led a lot of the times to things that they pick up and use and participate in to further reinforce the possession. This is a concept that we’re pointing out here. Kristy was led to this book. This just wasn’t random, logically–
Kristy Meyers: I’m 18 years old, and I never went to a garage sale, ever.
Justin Daubenmire: Right. I remember one time when I was 13, there was someone in my neighborhood, never went to this dude’s house in my entire life. Something drew me there. I knocked on a door and went in and they were playing with the Ouija board. I got a demon from it [laughs]. You know what I’m saying? You’re led to things.
Kristy Meyers: It’s not your fault either. It wasn’t my fault. The devil doesn’t play fair.
Justin Daubenmire: At all.
Kristy Meyers: No, he’s not being like, “Oh.”
Justin Daubenmire: You get this book.
Kristy Meyers: I get the book, I run home with it. I’m so excited. I have a name, it’s called astral projection. I know it’s the vibration. It’s getting your-
Justin Daubenmire: Energy.
Kristy Meyers: -your energy. The new age people always just always talk about the higher–
Justin Daubenmire: Consciousness.
Kristy Meyers: -yes. Your higher consciousness and elevating yourself to that higher level, and that was–
Justin Daubenmire: Somehow, we’re inferior animals because we can’t go to a higher plane and–
Kristy Meyers: Yes. Getting you to that higher plane. I ran home and I showed my mom, and she’s like, “Oh, that’s kind of cool.” She has no idea. We had just got the internet. This is dial-up internet. We had it maybe two weeks. I didn’t even know how to use it. I hadn’t even used it yet. To use it, my mom couldn’t use the phone. I had to like take the– It went [modem sound].
Kristy Meyers: I’m like, “Can I use it?”
Justin Daubenmire: Remember I told you I did internet dial-up tech support. I know exactly what you’re talking about, man. We’re getting back in the stone ages here now, man. [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: Yes, so I was like, “Mom, do you think I could use that internet thing to look this up?” That’s what it does, right? Because I’m like, “Well, I need to go to the library, get a book.” She’s like, “We have that internet, unless you can go on, maybe look it up.” I waited. I remember dialing up and she was sitting there helping me try to use it and she was like, “But you can’t get on it too long because I need to use the phone and if somebody calls, it’s going to kick you off.” Anyways, so I type in back-end entry. Www.//ht– [laughs] astral projection. My world blew up.
Justin Daubenmire: You found it?
Kristy Meyers: Oh yes. There was a whole world already on there about this.
Justin Daubenmire: Now you’re really getting into this now.
Kristy Meyers: Now I know what it is. There was no videos yet back then, but there was websites and stuff, like how–
Justin Daubenmire: Blog post, webpages, all bunch of how-to’s, and–
Kristy Meyers: Oh yes. It told me how to do it, how to get your vibration up, how to open your eyes, how to walk around, how to leave your body and fly out of your house. How to go to the seven different planes. Holy crap, there’s seven different planes that I could go to. How do I get there? Then in the very bottom there’s this little disclaimer and it says, “Make sure you always cover yourself with the white light because there are bad entities there that if you are not covered by the white light, can attack you and possess you.”
Justin Daubenmire: This is just so interesting. Get covered in the white light. It’s such a counterfeit to Jesus Christ instead of being covered in the blood of Christ. It’s not a demon, it’s an entity.
Kristy Meyers: No, it’s this entity. If you have your spirit guide, guides you. I got one of those, and take you there and they will protect you, and take you to the higher levels. In the higher levels, there’s good entities, and they’re called– like the angels are there.
Justin Daubenmire: It’s so interesting that the devil has got to bring into this mixture demons, and he’s calling them entities, but I’m saying demons and angels. This is such a counterfeit of– He’s such a punk.
Kristy Meyers: I’m like, well, I’ve got the spirit guide, man, he’s already trained me. I’m already way past half of these people. I can already do a lot of this stuff. I just didn’t know I needed the knowledge to take it to another level.
Justin Daubenmire: Another level. Now you’re out in other planes and you’re leaving your body, you can open your eyes. What are you seeing out there?
Kristy Meyers: The first time I opened my eyes, I’ll never forget it. I had a mirror in my room, and I was like, “I wonder what I look like.” I walked up to the mirror and I looked at it and it was me. I looked like I had been dead 1,000 years. My skin was peeling off my face. My hair was sticking straight out, it looked like it was moving in the wind. I didn’t have any eyeballs. It was just eye sockets. It terrified me.
Justin Daubenmire: Absolutely. The demon inside of you, demons. You never just have one. I tell people this all the time.
Kristy Meyers: No, I had a lot.
Justin Daubenmire: They’re like, mice. You got one, you got a bunch.
Kristy Meyers: The Lord at the time was showing me what reality where I was. That–
Justin Daubenmire: Did you get to the point where you’re going into people’s houses and–
Kristy Meyers: Oh, it didn’t scare me enough to stop or anything. I was just like, “Whoa, eww.” I hope I don’t really look like that. I just never looked at myself in a mirror again. I avoided mirrors. I got to the point where I could fly to other people’s houses and watch them. I would spy on people.
Justin Daubenmire: By the way, guys, this is real stuff. This sincerely happens. There are people who do this.
Kristy Meyers: I remember telling my mom. She was the only one that believed me, but then she still didn’t believe me. I’m like, “Just wait right here. I want you to do something. I’m going to go in the other room and I want you to be in the kitchen. Don’t tell me, and then I’m going to come and watch you do it you’re not going to see me.” I would go in the other room and put myself in a trance. I’d get my vibrations up and I would leave my body and I would walk in and I watched her and she went to the kitchen, got a bowl, put flour in a bowl, and filled it up with water and was mixing it.
Then I came out and then she cleaned it all up. I came out and I was like, “You went over there, you got the bowl, you went over there, you got flour, you put two cups of flour in the bowl. Then after that, you got water and you mixed it.” She was like, “Are you kidding me?” This is a lot how psychics work. I would tell I’m psychic. I would go in other people’s houses, people that I knew, friends, and I listen to all their conversations.
Justin Daubenmire: Why do you think people do this?
Kristy Meyers: Power.
Justin Daubenmire: They feel powerless in life.
Kristy Meyers: Oh yes. I did it because I could and I felt like I was special. I was told, you are special. Not everybody has this ability. You are special. We chose you.
Justin Daubenmire: What I find interesting– I’m going to go back to your dad for just a minute. He did this when he was younger. He mentioned this to you?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: He never had any training in this.
Kristy Meyers: No.
Justin Daubenmire: People have termed this thing astral projection, but I dare say this has been around for centuries.
Kristy Meyers: It’s always been here.
Justin Daubenmire: Exactly. That’s my point.
Kristy Meyers: Oh yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Even in the biblical days. This is why when God in Deuteronomy said, “Do not fool with witchcraft, sorcery, divination,” all these things, God is saying, don’t do this because he knows the end result. He doesn’t do it to be a Debbie Downer. He knows the end result.
Kristy Meyers: This place was never meant for people to go. It’s like an in between. It’s where Jesus would walk. It’s where angels do walk. I saw many angels there. I saw angels, I saw demons. I saw people like–
Justin Daubenmire: Other people astral projecting, you would see them. Would you talk to them or what would you do?
Kristy Meyers: I did like the people’s houses, and I thought that was cool. Then you move onto the next level. Then I started going to different places. The first time I was like, I wonder if I could go to outer space. I wonder if I can go– how far can I go? I got all the way up past the atmosphere. Not to a different planet, but I could see all the planets.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, I understand.
Kristy Meyers: I saw the solar system. It was beautiful. Then I was pushed back down. I knew I could go really far.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re doing this not understanding really that your- [crosstalk]
Kristy Meyers: It was all fun.
Justin Daubenmire: Right. This is harmless, it’s fun.
Kristy Meyers: This is the beginning. This is all fun. I could go to the beach. I could do all kinds of fun things and then training switched. Now I started to meet other people that were also astral projecting. My spirit guide took me to, it was like a meeting.
Justin Daubenmire: To a meeting.
Justin Daubenmire: Was this a 12-step program he took you to?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He took me to a meeting. There was all these other people there that were with their spirit guides. A lot of them knew each other from, they had connected with themselves outside the spirit realm, so they knew each other. I met a man there, and I had a relationship with him.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, really? In this astral projection plane, you guys can have sex?
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, my gosh. What people don’t understand is that this is bondage. We’re going to get into this in just a minute. They have no clue that they are puppets on strings. That’s the sadness of it. It doesn’t really matter if it’s astral projection, if it’s seances, if it’s Wicca. No matter what, people think that they’re in control, and the whole time they’re a puppet on strings. At the end, when a person dies, guess what happens? They go to hell.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Then the whole time they thought they were in control. That’s what’s so sad to me when people die, you were supposed to be my spirit guide. Where are you taking me? What are you doing? You were supposed to be my friend. They’re laughing, and these demons are taking people to hell. It’s so sad to me.
Justin Daubenmire: Were you a Christian during this time?
Kristy Meyers: Growing up, my mom would talk to me about Jesus. We never really went to church. I knew who Jesus was. We would say little prayers sometimes before we ate, and sometimes we’d go to church for a month and then not. I had different people throughout my life growing up that had talked to me about the Lord, but I always thought they were really weird and crazy, but I–
Justin Daubenmire: But you were normal? [laughs]
Kristy Meyers: I was normal. I had one guy, an older gentleman, his name is Bill. When I was 13– he was going to a church– my parents went to a church for a month. He helped my mom learn how to read the Bible, to find things in the Bible because she didn’t know how to like, okay, go to, find something. She had no idea. He was helping her, and he started coming over to our house and giving her a little bit of Bible lessons. He taught me about-
Justin Daubenmire: How old are you at this time?
Kristy Meyers: I’m 13. Bill, he’s 86 now, and I love Bill to death.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s awesome.
Kristy Meyers: He is very dear to me.
Justin Daubenmire: He’s training, you guys are dabbling into Christianity a little bit. At any point in time from age– this started with you at really 15. When did you become a Christian, sincerely said, “Jesus Christ, you got my life.”
Kristy Meyers: Mine is a little bit different because when I met Bill, he told me about Jesus. He explained to me what it meant to be a Christian. He explained to me what it meant to be saved. He sat me down, and he walked me through the Lord’s Prayer, and I accepted Jesus at 14, but I didn’t understand-
Justin Daubenmire: Any of it.
Kristy Meyers: -what it was, any of it. Yes. I accepted Jesus, and Bill gave me a Bible. I took that Bible and shoved it and kicked it as far under my bed as I could. He would send me Bible magazines. To this day, he sends me a birthday card on my birthday.
Justin Daubenmire: How cool is that?
Kristy Meyers: Yes, faithful and a Christmas card. He sends one to my husband. He told me, “When I met you, Kristy, at 13 years old, Jesus told me to pray for you every day, and I was supposed to pray for you for the rest of my life.”
Justin Daubenmire: Wow. How cool is that?
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: How cool is that?
Kristy Meyers: I thought, “You are the craziest person I’ve ever met.”
Justin Daubenmire: Right, at that time.
Kristy Meyers: At the time.
Justin Daubenmire: Well, you were 13. You probably thought he was crazy.
Kristy Meyers: Bill walks around in a suit coat, and he has hundreds of Bible tracks in his coat. Weird. It was like, people are like, “Bible thumper.” Bill would come over and we’d be like, “Hit the deck, Bill’s here. Turn off the lights,” because he wanted to come in and talk about Jesus.
He would confront me about you shouldn’t be watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy. That’s not a Christian thing to do.” I’d be like, “Shh, come on. Shut up.” Bill never gave up, and to this day, I love Bill. Bill was the first person that poured Jesus into me, gave me a Bible, shoved it under my bed.
I knew who Jesus was. I think after I accepted Him, the Lord did come into my heart. He was with me speaking, whispering to me, but I was so wrapped up in witchcraft and I didn’t have anybody. I had no guidance with the Lord. Bill ended up moving away. He moved away to Arizona. He still would call and stuff, but I didn’t have any people and I didn’t trust them. I didn’t have any people pouring into me. I was looking for the Lord, and I found it in the astral projection.
Justin Daubenmire: The fake Jesus, the fake god.
Kristy Meyers: Yes, fake Jesus.
Justin Daubenmire: The fake light. The light, the brightness.
Kristy Meyers: The light. I feel like a lot of people are looking for that power and acceptance.
Justin Daubenmire: Well, I said this acceptance, but it’s so sad, man, because it’s fake love.
Kristy Meyers: I thought that my spirit guide would do anything for me.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, you were special.
Kristy Meyers: It would protect me from those demons that tried to attack me. If they tried to attack me, he’d kick them off in me, and he only took me to the pure places.
Justin Daubenmire: Right, all lies.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. Everything I thought. Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: Everything you experienced was nothing but lies designed to possess you and your mind. Eventually, if you would have died– thank God, you did not– you wouldn’t have made it.
Kristy Meyers: Praise the Lord. No.
Justin Daubenmire: The whole time you would have been like, “Why am I going to hell? I’m a good person.”
Kristy Meyers: I’m a good person. I didn’t do anything wrong. I didn’t know. How can you send me to hell? I didn’t know.
Justin Daubenmire: There was a time in your life when you became a Christian.
Kristy Meyers: There was a time in my life that I surrendered to the Lord.
Justin Daubenmire: Correct. Instead of surrendering to the spirit guide, you surrendered to the Lord.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Justin Daubenmire: What happened to the spirit guide?
Kristy Meyers: He turned into a full-blown demon.
Justin Daubenmire: What happened?
Kristy Meyers: The day that the Lord– I was in the spirit realm. I was paralyzed on a floor. An angel came to me and looked– I opened my eyes and I couldn’t move. This being came to me.
Justin Daubenmire: Now, you’re in reality or are you’re in the spirit?
Kristy Meyers: I’m in the spirit realm.
Justin Daubenmire: You’re astral projecting at this time?
Kristy Meyers: I’m astral projecting, and I pass out. I’m paralyzed. I’m lying on a floor. It looked like I was in a big warehouse. I didn’t know where I was. I opened my eyes, and this beautiful being is standing over top of me and it’s looking at me. I knew that it was Jesus. I knew it was from God. It told me to go home, that He never wanted to see me here again. That I needed to go and find Jesus and what I was doing was wrong and this is not Jesus. “What you’re doing, Kristy is not Jesus. This is evil. This is evil.”
Justin Daubenmire: You believe this was an intervention from Jesus.
Kristy Meyers: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: I believe for 100%. It was a different kind of love. It was a pure love, a real love. It hit me so hard that I couldn’t deny that this was not God.
Justin Daubenmire: This intervention from God says, “Go back home and stop and stop this.”
Kristy Meyers: It was very firm.
Justin Daubenmire: Did you go back home?
Kristy Meyers: I immediately woke up, and I remembered the Bible that Bill gave me.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. Good old, Billy.
Kristy Meyers: I dug it. You have to go back to Bill. I dug that Bible out from under my bed, and I opened it for the first time, and I spent time with the real Jesus.
Justin Daubenmire: Awesome.
Kristy Meyers: I am dyslexic. I have a very hard time reading, and I always thought, if I even tried to read the Bible, I wouldn’t understand anyways. I opened that Bible up and I was reading it.
Justin Daubenmire: Praise God. That is so awesome.
Kristy Meyers: I could comprehend it. I couldn’t understand how the letters were together.
Justin Daubenmire: Making sense,
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t struggle, and they made sense. He put me in a scripture that just touched me. It was His love for me. I kept reading, and I could feel the anger from that spirit guide.
Justin Daubenmire: All right.
Kristy Meyers: Pushing me to close that book. It was yelling at me. “What are you doing? Who do you think you are? Everything that I have done for you.”
Justin Daubenmire: Oh, now we’re going to play that card. I see how he’s coming in, put the guilt on you.
Kristy Meyers: I questioned it for the first time. I was like, “Are you good? Are you Jesus?” He’s like, “Of course I am. Of course I’m good. I’ve been there for you all these years. I’m your only friend. I’m the only one that loves you.”
Justin Daubenmire: Back to the isolation. What happened? Did you close the Bible? Did you keep reading?
Kristy Meyers: Nope. I kept reading, and for the first time in my life, I prayed, I really prayed.
Justin Daubenmire: Awesome.
Kristy Meyers: I asked the Lord to show me the truth. I wanted to know the truth. Am I being lied to, Lord? Show me the truth of what this really is, and he showed me the truth. It was like I had blinders on, blackness over my face, like a black sheet. He ripped that sheet off, and I saw everything for what it was.
Justin Daubenmire: Woo. Hallelujah. Same here, man. When the sheet come off, weren’t you shocked? I was shocked.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I was comforted with– the guilt hit me. Who did I think I was going into people’s houses that I said that I loved and spying on them? Using their intimate moments against them. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. It was like a punch after a punch after a punch. He revealed to me the truth, and I repented of that sin. I didn’t even know what that was.
Justin Daubenmire: You just said I’m sorry or whatever.
Kristy Meyers: I just said, I’m sorry, Lord.
Justin Daubenmire: Some people think it has to be some big formalized thing where you fall on your knees and your hand is pressed to your heart and you’re holding your hand in the air, “My God, forgive me.” No, it doesn’t. It could be as simple as, “Lord, I’m sorry.”
Kristy Meyers: I just said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry, Lord. Please forgive me and help me. Show me what-”
Justin Daubenmire: Now you’re getting serious. Now, when you start saying, “Help me Lord.”
Kristy Meyers: Help me. I don’t have anybody to show me the truth. I had nobody in my life. All I knew was Bill knew Jesus, and Bill was good, and I wanted to be good. I held onto like these little tiny things that I had, these little moments that God had brought into my life. He took me back to all these people that he had placed in my life
Justin Daubenmire: Having you remember what they said? Things like this, you mean?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. It was like, “God loves you.” I was at a grocery store once and a woman said, “God loves you.” I remember thinking, you’re really weird. I was in high school and I was teasing a girl about reading her Bible at the lunch table. I didn’t understand, why would you even do that? I called her a Bible thumper. I’m like, “You’re just a Bible thumper weirdo. Close your book. No, we don’t want to see that thing.” She said, “Kristy, it’s okay that you don’t understand-
Justin Daubenmire: Oh you do now, honey.
Kristy Meyers: -but Jesus loves you.” I had that flashback.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s awesome. All these little seeds, all these seeds.
Kristy Meyers: All these seeds. I had that Bible on my bed, and I was spending the first time with the Lord, the real Jesus. He brought all those people and all those memories back.
Justin Daubenmire: Praise God.
Kristy Meyers: He said, “Kristy, I love you. This is how much I love you. I have been fighting for you this whole time. I have brought people in. I’m showing you how much I love you. You have to choose me. I can’t work in your life if you keep denying me.”
Justin Daubenmire: Just like you chose to spirit guide through surrenderance, now you’re choosing the real Jesus Christ through surrenderance.
Kristy Meyers: Surrendering. I had to surrender everything.
Justin Daubenmire: Hallelujah.
Kristy Meyers: It wasn’t just, I’m going to give you this part of me. I’m going to give you all of me.
Justin Daubenmire: We know you surrendered because you’ve got Gary. Now let me ask you this. I’ve got to ask you this. You mentioned that your spirit guide was angry telling you, “Close that book, I’ve done so much for you. How could you do this to me? Everything I’ve done for you,” which by the way, the only thing he did was keep you in bondage and was going to take you to hell if you died. Eventually, you started to become physically attacked. Correct?
Kristy Meyers: Immediately.
Justin Daubenmire: What happened? Explain to the listeners what happened to your warm, loving spirit guide when you surrendered to Jesus Christ? What happened?
Kristy Meyers: I surrendered to Christ. I told the devil, “I don’t want any part of this anymore. You’re not going to control me anymore.” When I learned who Jesus really was, I wanted only Him and I told the devil, “I only want Jesus.” He said, “We have a contract. I own you. You are mine. You can have Jesus, you can go to church. I don’t care.”
Justin Daubenmire: It’s amazing how the devil actually believes that he owns people.
Kristy Meyers: He had the legal right to keep doing what he was doing without my permission because I give him that. I opened that door and I gave him the legal right.
Justin Daubenmire: When you say legal right, what you’re really saying is you came into agreement with him by surrendering to the spirit guide. By coming into agreement, it’s like you’re signing a spiritual legal document. You’re putting your name down that says, I agree to this. You can do what you want with me, and the devil signs below it too and he says, “I have a legal right. I have a legal agreement to do this to you.”
Kristy Meyers: Yes, and I don’t need your permission anymore. I don’t need your permission. You don’t want to work for me anymore, that’s fine, because that was the plan was to get me to work for him.
Justin Daubenmire: Then take you to hell.
Kristy Meyers: He put all this time for me to work for him, to bring other people and to train other people. I was going to be a high priestess where I was going to be training people and teaching them how to astral project and doing all of this. I started out- [crosstalk]
Justin Daubenmire: Let me interject real quick. This is another counterfeit that the devil has to Christianity and leading people to Jesus Christ, evangelizing. He’s going to use his mockery of Christianity. Everything he has is a mockery. He’s not a creator. God is the creator. God is the creator. The devil can only take things and mix things up and try to mimic. Everything is about mimicking God.
Everything is about mimicking God because, in the beginning, all Lucifer wanted was worship. He said, “I will be like God.” All he’s ever desired is everything that God has, and because he can never sincerely get that, he comes up with counterfeits, trying to at least come somewhat close to what God does with the intent of bringing everybody he can to hell. This thing is, the devil comes out. Now he’s out in full collar.
Kristy Meyers: Now he knows who I am and I know who he is.
Justin Daubenmire: The fight’s on.
Kristy Meyers: We’re at war. I’m a baby Christian. A week later after this happens, Michael breaks up with me. I pray. That’s where I had my breakdown. A month later, I met Gary. Surrender to Christ and he brought me Gary.
Justin Daubenmire: What’s amazing is it’s-
Kristy Meyers: This all happened in a month.
Justin Daubenmire: God’s got your back.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I never told anybody, I never told Gary whatever was actually going on in my other world because he would think you’re crazy. I’m never going to date this girl.
Justin Daubenmire: Listeners, I want you to hear what she’s saying. This is a lie from the devil that if you open up to somebody and tell them the supernatural, paranormal phenomena that you’re experiencing, that people will think you’re crazy. If you deal with an exorcist, if you deal with somebody and talk with somebody that’s involved in this, they don’t think you’re crazy. We see this stuff on the daily. I just want to point that out.
Anyway, so God’s moved in and he’s brought Gary. Let’s get back to the attacks. I want people to understand how serious this got for you, these people that are maybe listening right now that are currently astral projecting with their warm fuzzy spirit guide, and they’re out with their buddies out in Astro planes and things like this and having sex and woo hoo, we’re having a good time. Tell them the severity of the attacks that you had from this spirit guide. It morphed from this warm, compassionate friend to a terror mentor.
Kristy Meyers: For 18 years. It took me 18 years.
Justin Daubenmire: Until you found an exorcist.
Kristy Meyers: Until I found an exorcist. It started out with I wasn’t able to sleep anymore. There was no sleeping. Sleeping at night didn’t exist for me for years. Insomnia. The only time that I could ever sleep was between 7 o’clock in the morning and like 9 o’clock.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, I can relate. I suffered similarly. These attacks, this spirit guide would then come in the room and assault you.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, he would-
Justin Daubenmire: What would he do to you?
Kristy Meyers: He would rape me. He would bring other demons to rape me. He would drag me out into the spiritual realm. He dragged me out. I was on a beach and I had been to that beach where I was friends with people.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: This time, it was punishment. It wasn’t people anymore. It was demons who were raping me. Demons that I could feel. Half of their body was animal.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: Fear, and I can’t wake up, and he’s just standing over and saying, “See, I own you.”
Justin Daubenmire: Right.
Kristy Meyers: “You have no control. I can do whatever I want with you. You want to want to play this game? You want to go do Jesus?”
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. What that is, is-
Kristy Meyers: If you just turn back, if you just turn back, you just refuse Jesus, all this will go away-
Justin Daubenmire: All this will go, yes.
Kristy Meyers: -and we can go back to the way that it was. We can go back to the way it was.
Justin Daubenmire: Now-
Kristy Meyers: I refused to turn away.
Justin Daubenmire: You knew the truth. Once you see the truth, there is no going back, no matter the price. Now here’s the thing. If you would’ve known an exorcist at that time, this could have stopped very quickly. They knew that you didn’t know how to get help. Same with me. This happened to me for 30 years. Not from astral projection. If you’ve not listened to episode one, listeners, episode one is called Out of the Darkness. It’s my story. Go listen to it.
I’ve had similar experiences being raped in the middle of the night, thrown out of the bed, thrown all over the place, demonic sleep paralysis. On and on. It went for years. Some of you are listening saying, “Oh, yes. Right. A demon’s going to rape somebody.” Listen, get on Wikipedia. Look up succubus and incubus. They’re filthy, nasty sex spirits that have been around for centuries. This isn’t something that Kristy and I are making up. This has been around for centuries, for years. A paranormal phenomena where spirits can come in and victimize you sexually. It happened for me, it happened for Kristy when we sincerely surrendered to Jesus Christ. Then that’s when the attacks started.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. I used to think– in the beginning, he would play, if Jesus really loved you, then why is He allowing me to do this to you? I thought your Jesus was so powerful,” and it wasn’t that my Jesus wasn’t powerful. I didn’t know how to tap into that power.
Justin Daubenmire: He knew it. That punk knew it.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. He was doing everything that he could to keep me away from learning how much power I really had.
Justin Daubenmire: Exactly.
Kristy Meyers: I had all the power.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. Put it this way, let me explain this to you guys listening. When you become a Christian and you surrender, hands down 100% legitimately surrender your life to Jesus Christ, you immediately instantly become at war with the kingdom of darkness.
I heard Derek Prince say this one time, and it stuck with me that when you become a Christian, it’s almost like Australia, New Zealand, if they were at war with one another, God forbid. I remember Derek Prince saying this, that if you’re born in Australia, you’re automatically at war with New Zealand. There is no, hey, I don’t want to be at war with New Zealand. They’re at war. This is how it is between– Jesus talked about the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. He talked about the kingdom of God and the kingdom of darkness. This is what it boils down to.
When you get serious and you stop playing church half in the world, half in church, when you get serious, you’re at war, and you are at war. The reality of the war strikes very quickly for many people. This is why I’m bringing people onto the podcast so that listeners can understand. Well, I never experienced anything like this and I’m a Christian. What would you say to that, Kristy? If people are saying they’re a Christian and they-
Kristy Meyers: I used to think that too. The thing is, the devil doesn’t care if you go to church. He doesn’t care if you read your Bible.
Justin Daubenmire: Right.
Kristy Meyers: He cares when you fight back.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: He cares when you stop sinning.
Justin Daubenmire: He cares.
Kristy Meyers: He cares when you start to expose the way that he operates.
Justin Daubenmire: Right. Now you become a threat.
Kristy Meyers: If you become a Christian, okay, fine, I lost one, but I’m still going to just try to destroy your life. Now it’s just a fun game. Now my game is to try to get you to not be a Christian. How can I ruin and destroy your life?
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. How can I torment them?
Kristy Meyers: Yes. You can be a Christian all you want. I have a lot of people tell me, I’ve never experienced anything like this, I’ve never done anything. One, it depends what things that you’ve been involved in.
Justin Daubenmire: What you’ve interacted with, whether ignorantly or willfully. Also, I hear that too, where people are like, “I never played in any witchcraft. I’ve been a good, clean person. What about your ancestral curses?”
Kristy Meyers: My husband never, Gary never experienced anything demonic, never saw a demon, never experienced anything. He thought, you’re a little bit crazy. I believe you because you’re my wife and I have to, but he didn’t understand it. He couldn’t understand it. I signed him up. I was like, “You’re getting exorcism just to make sure.”
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: He had demons, and he was so shocked.
Justin Daubenmire: Right.
Kristy Meyers: There was no denying it because his ancestor curse came on the Mayflower, had no idea. He went and Googled this and it was true.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. I guess what we’re trying to counter here, what we’re trying to explain is that, you can be a Christian, and as long as you’re doing the things that the devil wants you to do, and he still has an area of possession in your life, for example, pornography, alcoholism, I’m naming these blatant ones, but it could be rage, hatred.
These are all open doors that are open that allow him to be in agreement with you. Even more explicit things like yoga, visiting a medium, or psychic, using tarot cards, having sex with multiple partners, the use of crystals, horoscopes.
Kristy Meyers: Yes. Smoking marijuana is a huge doorway. Drinking.
Justin Daubenmire: All these sorts of things. Anyhow, I’m going to digress from that. I just want to explain to people that may not be experiencing the severity of this.
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t experience anything until I turned my back.
Justin Daubenmire: Right. When you sincerely turn your back on whatever it is that the devil has access to you through, that’s when things start to get fun.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, yes. That’s when he shows his true colors.
Justin Daubenmire: You exactly. You go to an exorcism.
Kristy Meyers: Years later.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes, 18 years later.
Kristy Meyers: I thought that I won. I was fighting and battling and working at my Christianity. I was getting stronger in the Lord. The stronger my faith got, the more that I learned about the Lord, the more that I learned how to fight back. The last real encounter that I had with– he’s called the Beast. I just got married to Gary. We probably were two months married.
I was sleeping in bed and this thing got on top of me and crawled in bed with us. I was on my back, and it held me down. It grabbed my wrists and it pinned me down. I remember opening my eyes and staring at it. It looked at me and he said, “I don’t know who you think you are, but I will always own you. You are nothing without me.”
Justin Daubenmire: Your spirit guide actually was a demon called The Beast.
Kristy Meyers: It was called The Beast.
Justin Daubenmire: By the way, people, demons take names. They can name themselves whatever they want. This particular spirit guide decided to name itself the beast. It’s a common demonic name that comes up here and there.
Kristy Meyers: He looked like a beast. I could smell him.
Justin Daubenmire: Putrid, foul, disgusting.
Kristy Meyers: His head was smaller than his body. He had power. He was muscular. He was breathing in my face. That was the first time I stood up and I said, “You don’t own me. I belong to Christ.”
Justin Daubenmire: Right.
Kristy Meyers: I said, “I cover myself in the blood of Jesus.”
Justin Daubenmire: Amen.
Kristy Meyers: “You get the off of me.” It weakened him. I picked my knee up and I pushed him off of me in the gut. He went flying across the room like he was nothing, like a bug. He was standing. He was so tall. He was crunched down and looking at me. I stood up in the bed and I walked over and I said, “You are going to get out of my house. You have no right to be here any longer.”
Justin Daubenmire: Amen.
Kristy Meyers: “You will not torture me. I do not belong to you.”
Justin Daubenmire: Amen. Woo. I love the fight.
Kristy Meyers: I had to.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes. Had to.
Kristy Meyers: I said, “Get out of my house.
Justin Daubenmire: In the name of Jesus.
Kristy Meyers: I don’t ever want to see you again. In the name of Jesus.” He just vanished. Gary wakes up. I’m standing in my bed screaming at a demon he can’t see. He thinks I’m completely nuts. We got married. He didn’t really know anything that I was like experiencing because I was so afraid that he was going to think I’m crazy.
Justin Daubenmire: Kristy, your first exorcism, was the beast actually expelled?
Kristy Meyers: The beast didn’t get expelled for a couple exorcisms. He went hiding.
Justin Daubenmire: They do. They act real powerful-
Kristy Meyers: I had opened so many doors by that time. I had-
Justin Daubenmire: How old were you when you were first-
Kristy Meyers: I was 40.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s what I’m saying. I was 48 my first exorcism. I mean, my Lord. The amount of doors that I’d opened through my lifetime. This is why it’s a process based on your age.
Kristy Meyers: I’m still going through the process. It’s a process. There’s many doors. There’s many areas that the devil like can get in. This was just one area.
Justin Daubenmire: Exactly. Praise God, eventually, that thing is expelled. What were some of the benefits that you experienced after your handful of exorcisms and getting rid of this foul thing? What were some of the benefits that you experienced?
Kristy Meyers: I never slept, from 15 to 40. I don’t know if I ever had a real peaceful sleep. That was one of the biggest things. After exorcism, I can sleep. I sleep through the night. I don’t have to take naps during the day to get to get sleep.
Justin Daubenmire: Hallelujah. I can relate. This is one huge benefit to exorcism is– and you don’t understand, when your sleep’s interrupted like that. For my case, 30 years now, I don’t mean every day, but often enough to where my sleep was-
Kristy Meyers: It feels like you’ve run a marathon every night. That’s what I felt like.
Justin Daubenmire: A complete physical exhaustion.
Kristy Meyers: If I was sleeping, I was fighting, I was fighting off a demon. It was like I never really got a real peaceful sleep.
Justin Daubenmire: Exactly.
Kristy Meyers: That went away after the exorcism.
Justin Daubenmire: Hallelujah. Me too.
Kristy Meyers: My marriage was put back together.
Justin Daubenmire: Praise God.
Kristy Meyers: I had the most amazing, wonderful husband that anyone could ever hope for.
Justin Daubenmire: That’s because God brought him to you.
Kristy Meyers: Because God brought him to me. Never once did he ever say, “You’re too much.” Never once did he say, “I can’t handle this.” It was always, “How can I help you? I know I don’t understand this, but if you need to talk, I will stay here.” When I did finally open up to him, he didn’t understand it, but he hugged me. It’s going to be okay.
Justin Daubenmire: He was supportive.
Kristy Meyers: Through my exorcisms and dealing with this, he was there holding my hand.
Justin Daubenmire: Hallelujah.
Kristy Meyers: I didn’t even realize how good I had it or how wonderful he was because the devil had me believing he was an enemy.
Justin Daubenmire: This is one thing to keep in mind, I’d like to point out too. It is such a common strategy that when you start an exorcism, and you get rid of things, the devil’s always going to try to bring division, resentment, anything he can pull out and whip at you to try to prevent you from following through to completion.
There are people who go through exorcisms, they’ve only made it a quarter away, they weren’t tough enough. The devil wore them down and wore them down until they just gave up and just left and kept their demons. Now they suffer just as much, if not more. You got to be able, like Kristy is saying, she’s a fighter.
Kristy Meyers: You have to fight. This is a war.
Justin Daubenmire: This isn’t patty cake.
Kristy Meyers: No. It’s a warfare. What people don’t understand, witchcraft and stuff, when the devil is training somebody to work for his team, you don’t get breaks. I spent hours. 10, 15 hours in this craft.
Justin Daubenmire: Relentless.
Kristy Meyers: Relentlessly. It was, you train and spend time with the devil.
Justin Daubenmire: It’s bondage.
Kristy Meyers: It’s bondage, but it is a lifestyle. You are working. Then when you are a Christian, they go one hour to church on Sunday and they think they’re going to make it.
Justin Daubenmire: Yeah, they think they’re going to make it. They think they’re tough and they’re going to– most churches.
Kristy Meyers: You’re fighting somebody that’s spending 15 hours a day with Satan.
Justin Daubenmire: Not only that. The devil’s had centuries upon centuries to study human behavior. I just want to say that.
Kristy Meyers: He knows all your weaknesses.
Justin Daubenmire: He does, but God is supreme. This is one thing to keep in mind. The devil and demons have a level of power, but it is not supreme.
Kristy Meyers: Oh, man.
Justin Daubenmire: It is not supreme. The supreme power is Jesus Christ. That’s one thing you have to keep in mind. Hearing all of this stuff, if you’re listening and you’re like, man, this is just way out there and I don’t know, this is a bit scary, just understand that Jesus Christ is supreme no matter what.
Kristy Meyers: My relationship with Christ was the same as my relationship with the devil. It started out and I grew. The more that I spent time with Him, the more He showed me and the more His love poured on me, and the more stronger I got.
Justin Daubenmire: Yes.
Kristy Meyers: It was a process. I didn’t just accept the Lord and then Him be like, I just knew everything. I had to–
Justin Daubenmire: You to put some skin in it.
Kristy Meyers: I had put time into him just like I put time into astral projection. The more time I spent with the Lord, the more he revealed to me and the stronger I got in Christ and the more I was able to fight back.
Justin Daubenmire: Praise God.
Kristy Meyers: It didn’t matter how much I read my Bible. It didn’t matter how many times I went to church or how good a person. Those doors hadn’t been closed, and he still had legal right to hurt me.
Justin Daubenmire: Exactly. A lot of times people don’t know what the legal doors are, so they get attacked by demons and they don’t understand why. They think they’ve closed legal doors or they don’t know what they are. Again, this is why you go to an exorcist. They’re going to interrogate those spirits to see what the legal right is. Break it and expel them.
Kristy, let’s wrap this up. First, I want to say thank you so much for coming onto the podcast and sharing your life, your experiences with us. It’s amazing, God’s love, the freedom that he’s brought you. You’ve exposed a lot here. There are people listening to this podcast who came across it either Googling in their podcast app and they’re astral projecting. Some of the people are dabbling in it. Some of them are really into it to the level you were.
I always ask people at the end to offer some words of encouragement. I would like to ask you, could you offer people who are thinking about astral projecting, people who are into astral projection, could you please offer them some encouragement and some godly advice.
Kristy Meyers: The best advice, what I would’ve wanted to hear back then was, it’s okay to mess up. It’s okay to not know, but once you know the truth, you need to turn away from it and seek God. All you have to do is sit with the Lord and ask him if this is something that you should be doing, and listen. He’ll give you the truth.
As much power as I thought that I had, it is nothing compared to what I have now. The love that God has for me, I’m just a regular person, a regular girl. Nothing special. When I called out to Him, He rescued me because He loves me. Little old me whose never done anything huge in the world, just a stay-at-home mom. He came and He rescued me and He fought for me. He would’ve died just for me.
When I realized that, how much love that God had for me, it blew me away. That’s what you don’t get when you’re working for the devil. It’s all about what can I do for Him. Him taking from you, using you. He used me. God’s love, I don’t have to give Him anything. I came broken and lost and He put his arms around me and comforted me and showed me how much he loved me I didn’t have to work for Him or give Him anything. It was free. It was pure. It was, “It’s okay.” It was a father’s love.
When I was astral projecting and trying to find the Lord that way, it was so counterfeit. Now, it’s such a parallel world. There’s a lot of things that are the same with the Lord, and with that world because the devil uses God, twists it and turns it.
It’s easy to get confused. It’s easy to think you’re doing good and there’s nothing wrong with it. Until you turn away and then it’s shown for what it really is. If you’re looking for power, there’s no greater power than God, than Christ and the Holy Spirit, no greater power. I really hope that me speaking out today will reach people and show them how false that world is and that there is a better way to live.
Justin Daubenmire: You never know. You may be demon-possessed, and this is the first time you’re coming to the realization of it. If that’s you, I’d like to invite you right now to go to my website, justind.com and book a session with me. Let’s get rid of your unwanted guests and start moving you toward freedom and a quiet mind. Thanks for listening. Until next time, God bless.

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