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Unveiling the Dark Reality of Abusive Relationships


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Ever wondered about the unseen forces that amplify the darkness in abusive relationships? Together with my brave guest, Amber Singer, we pull back the curtain on a world where manipulation, domination, and control are underpinned by sinister, demonic influences. Amber’s harrowing 17-year experience in an abusive marriage reveals a horrifying reality, underlining that even the most successful individuals are not immune to this demonic warfare.

This episode takes a deep dive into the mystifying realm of soul bonds – the powerful emotional connections that bind two people together, often with devastating consequences. Amber recounts her unnerving soul bond with her ex-husband and her strenuous journey to break free. She shares her arsenal of curse-breaking prayers and the indispensable aid provided by exorcism to break the soul bond with her ex-husband. Shockingly, these soul bonds can be forged without sexual contact, through intimate conversations. The question is, are we inadvertently setting ourselves up for spiritual entanglement?

The final act of this gripping episode explores Amber’s path to freedom, a journey of soul transference healing. This is where Amber’s resilience shines, as she faces the fragment of her ex’s consciousness embedded in her mind, a direct result of demonic influence and manipulation. Experience this gut-wrenching yet empowering journey from the evil clutches of abuse to the liberating embrace of emotional and spiritual counseling. Listen, learn, and find hope in Amber’s tale of personal struggle, unwavering faith, and ultimate victory through Jesus Christ and the power of exorcism.


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    1. Hey Michael thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I’m glad you found the episode helpful. It is a sad dark reality that many people face in life, being emotionally and physically abused by another person. Ultimately it is demons behind it all! There is hope, healing, and freedom for any person through Jesus Christ, exorcism to get rid of the demons and soul bonds, and therapy to emotionally recover. 🙏 ❤️

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