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Unshackling the Soul: Overcoming Demons and Embracing Hope


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Imagine the pain of being abandoned by your parents at the tender age of three, struggling to fit in a foreign country without understanding the language, and constantly experiencing abandonment due to your parents traveling back and forth between China and America. John, my brave guest, shares his heartbreaking story and journey to find healing and restoration in his life through the mercy of Jesus Christ.

John’s experiences led him to battle with depression and suicidal ideation, and although he thought he had been freed from the grip of demons at 19, he realized years later that he needed deep deliverance. Through his exorcism sessions, we uncovered the curse of poverty that plagued John’s family for 81 generations in China, and discuss the exorcism process of interrogating John’s demons and expelling them through the authority of Christ. This conversation is a powerful reminder of the hope, freedom, and restoration that can be found in exorcism.

As John pursues a career in IT, he shares how his faith in God has been helping him develop discipline and focus in his life. We explore the sneakiness of demons manifesting as negative thoughts and feelings, and the importance of recognizing these as external forces rather than our own thoughts. If you’re feeling weighed down by the bondage of invisible demons, listen in as John’s story offers hope, encouragement, and the possibility of finding joy and freedom in your life through the power of Jesus Christ.

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