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Overcoming the Darkness: Justin D’s Story


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As a blind exorcist, I’ve experienced firsthand the darkness and torment that demon possession can bring. But, through the power of Jesus Christ, I’ve managed to find freedom and healing. In this eye-opening first episode of TBE, I share my personal journey from being a regular, athletic kid in Ohio to battling demons, undergoing exorcism, and becoming a certified exorcist.

How does a normal, functional person become possessed by demons? I reveal the haunting truth about how I picked up demons through molestation, pornography, and other dark encounters. Listen as I debunk the Hollywood stereotype of demon possession and discuss the importance of recognizing and addressing supernatural events in our lives. I also share my intense experiences with demonic attacks, paranormal activity, and how I fought back with righteous anger to ultimately overcome demonic torment.

Finally, I discuss my path to becoming an exorcist – from enrolling in the International School of Exorcism to learning from experienced exorcists and applying their techniques in my own practice. Discover the benefits of exorcism and how it’s possible to confront your own demons and find freedom through this powerful process. Join me in this illuminating episode as I offer hope to those who may be struggling with their own unseen battles.


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TBE 1: Overcoming the Darkness: Justin D’s Story
Justin Daubenmire: Welcome to The Blind Exorcist. Exposing the darkness, revealing the light. I’m Justin D, your host. This is episode one. Oh, yes. You better believe I’m going to be talking all about myself. You’re thinking, “Man, is this guy a narcissist?” No way. Not a narcissist, but everybody wants to know, how does a blind guy become an exorcist?
This is why I’m going to be talking about myself, to introduce myself to you. Hey, there. I’m Justin Daubenmire. I go by Justin D, and I am blind, and I am an exorcist. I wanted to hop on here in episode one to share my story with you. Get ready, this is going to be cool, man. You’re going to be interested in this. I guarantee you, you’re going to listen to the end. Guaranteed.
I’m going to step through initially the normalcy of my life, and then I’m going to share how I became possessed. I’m going to share my exorcism with you. Finally, I’m going to share how I trained to become a certified exorcist. As you listen, you’re going to hear me use the words demon and spirit interchangeably.
I just wanted to define what I mean by demon and spirit. They’re the same thing. This is an evil invisible being that comes inside of a person and possesses them. When they are possessed, this evil being causes torment, emotional anguish, suffering, and so forth. When you hear me say demon or spirit, this is what I’m referring to.
Okay, setting that aside, exorcism, this has been stereotyped by Hollywood to be extremely powerful and something that you definitely don’t want to mess with. You got the Exorcist movie with the girl’s head spinning around, she’s spitting out green pea soup. [laughs] Anyhow, and she’s crawling around on the floor like a spider. Hollywood’s always got these movies out with the paranormal, and the demons, and all of these things that Hollywood makes evil seem invincible. Hollywood makes evil seem extremely powerful. Hollywood is wrong. The power of Jesus Christ is supreme power, not demons and the devil.
The art of exorcism has been in the Christian Church and the Catholic Church for centuries. For thousands of years, millions of people have had demons cast out of them, expelled by the power of Jesus Christ. Again, Hollywood does not have this correct. Yes, evil and demons have a level of power, but it is not supreme. Supreme power is Jesus Christ. This is why there’s exorcism, to help people get rid of demons.
On this podcast, I’m going to be interviewing normal, functional people who were demon-possessed and went through an exorcism. As an exorcist, I’ve worked with school teachers, I’ve worked with plumbers, I’ve worked with business owners who were demon-possessed, normal functional people in society that had demons. This thought that if someone’s demon-possessed, that they got drool hanging off their chin, they’re in a straitjacket, their eyes are crazed. [laughs] It’s so far from the truth. There may be a little bit of that out there, but the people that I work with and that other exorcists that I know work with are very functional people in society. We’re talking about, like I said, business owners, lawyers, doctors, nurses, pastors, all walks of life have experienced demon possession and have been exorcised. Try to keep this in mind. You got to get rid of this stereotype.
Many people ignore the supernatural. They just want to stay in the tangible, what you could see, taste, hear, smell, and touch. That’s a mistake. I talk with people often, and they know I’m an exorcist. They’ll say things like, “You know what, dude, I seen a glass move across my counter by itself the other day.” That’s torment, or they’ll say things like, “In the middle of the night, I had a being appear at the bottom of my bed with no face. It was faceless, and it was terrifying.” Yes, that’s torment. I’ve had people say, “I hear doors slam, and I hear fingernails scratching down walls, things like this,” or people will say things along the lines of, “I’ve woken up with scratch marks on me or bite marks.” This is torment, man. These types of supernatural events should not be ignored. They should be addressed.
It’s not like you’re an ostrich and you could put your head in the sand and be like, “I’m going to ignore this. That’s not evil. I’m going to pretend like the only thing I can see, taste, hear, touch, and smell is reality.” Absolutely not, man. A lot of times, people are experiencing these things because they are demon-possessed and they don’t know it. When you’re demon-possessed, demons come around you and do things like this. Normal functional people can be demon-possessed. I was demon-possessed. This is what I’m going to get into.
Understand, I’m a senior-level software engineer. I’ve been a software engineer for 21 years, and demon-possessed. This stereotype of crazy people, wash that away out of your mind, and let me get into my story here. I want to step through the normalcy of my life, so you can see that this bald blind guy actually had quite a normal life.
Justin Daubenmire: I was born May 19th, 1972 in Youngstown, Ohio. In 1977, I became a type-one diabetic. At that point, the doctors told me that I’d be lucky to live to be 40 years old. That was true during that time. As of the recording of this podcast, I am 49 years old, baby. A survivor, a type-one diabetic survivor. Thank God.
Even though I was diabetic, during my childhood, man, I was very athletic. I loved sports, man. If there was neighborhood football, I was there. If there was neighborhood baseball, I was there. It didn’t matter what it was. It could have been badminton [laughs] racquetball, tennis, golf, swimming, basketball, it didn’t matter, man. I love sports. I love jogging. I remember when I was 12, 13 years old, man. I was jogging four or five miles a day after school and loving it. How crazy is that? I was always outside, always outside playing, running, doing everything I could do. Rarely inside.
In my early teens, like 13, 14, I was into skateboarding and had a BMX bike and doing those little stunts, and things like this. I was basically this blue-collar kid being raised in America, living a pretty normal life. At 16 years old, I got my license. Loved driving, started dating, and was very extroverted, still am extroverted as if you can’t tell that. [laughs] I was always going to parties. I was always the life of the party, talking to everyone and always visiting friends.
Just very active, very extroverted, but at about 16 1/2 years old, my eyes started bothering me, so I went to an optometrist. At this visitation, the optometrist told me that I had diabetic retinopathy, and I had a 90% chance of going blind. At that point, they sent me to the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. This is the late ’80s, probably 1988. For a year, I went through laser treatments where they cauterize the back of my eyes where they were bleeding, and eventually, I was blinded from the laser.
I had a license for one year. I drove for a year, and at 17 years old, I’m completely 100% blind and now a minority. Drastic change for a young child to go through. I took a few years to adjust to this, and eventually, I started university as a blind student. Initially, I was there two and a half years as a social work major. My original plans were to get into counseling. Halfway through that degree, I changed to computer programming to be more marketable as a blind person. Where I lived in Youngstown, Ohio, finding a job as a social worker was impossible.
I left social work to become a computer programmer, graduated with a computer programming degree, and during my university time, I met my wife. We were married and have four beautiful children, and after 15 years of marriage, she wanted a divorce, so I had to work through that. I’ve been a software engineer for 21 years. It’s been a good go, man. It’s been a good go. I’ve done a lot of training in my career strangely enough. I’ve really enjoyed that working with people because of being extroverted, so that’s been cool.
Really, if you look at this as a whole, this looks pretty normal. There’s nothing sticking out here that says, “Oh my God, this dude’s got demons. He’s raised with a father and a mother in a Christian home, and childhood seems to be normal from the outside, and he gets married, he’s got a college degree, he gets divorced, he has four kids, he’s raising them, he’s got a home.” I look like this normal American Western guy, setting the blindness aside. Obviously, the blindness is a huge difference, but setting that aside and looking at my life functionally, everything pretty much lines up as normal. Let me now tell you how I became demon-possessed.
Justin Daubenmire: As I share this segment with you, I’m commonly going to use this phrase of picking up, and what I mean by picking up is that I interact with something that puts another demon inside of me and further deepens my possession. You’ll hear me say things like, “I picked up another Demon here, or I picked up another demon doing this.” Again, that means that by interacting or participating in something, a demon came inside of me, further deepening my possession. Now, at the time I had no clue this was happening at all, but I would find this out during my exorcism, which I’ll get into later.
Let me step into how I became demon-possessed. At seven years old, I’m sitting in church with my parents. There’s this visiting minister, preaching, sharing a message in front of the church. Pretty much halfway through his sermon, he looks at me and points, and I’m seven years old, so I’m looking left to right. Got my thumb pointed at my chest. “Me?” [laughs] Eyes as wide as eggs, man. “Me? ” He’s like, “Yes, you.” I was like, “Oh, boy.” He is like, “God is going to use you to bring emotional healing and exorcism to many, many people.”
He’s saying this to me at seven years old as though he’s hearing this from God, and it’s so bizarre that he stops right in the middle of his sermon and points me out in front of the entire congregation and says this, “I guess God wanted to get my attention.” As a seven-year-old kid, no clue what he’s talking about. I guess emotional healing as a seven-year-old kid is okay, someone’s sad, or they have [laughs] hurt feelings. I talked to my parents about it a little later, and they explained it, but this is a huge threat, man.
I’m convinced that the devil heard this and it got his attention, and furthermore, I’m convinced I was targeted because of this. Here’s why I say that. Right after, I mean shortly after being told this in church at seven years old, I was molested. Now, if you’ve ever been molested, unfortunately, you got demons. It’s just so common. Anybody that I work with that’s been molested or raped or incested, they got demons.
At seven years old, I’m molested, and when I was molested, it was by a neighborhood boy, and when I was molested, something entered me. I tangibly changed. I will never forget this. As soon as I was molested, I walked out to the street and started saying, “I have to find drugs.” Imagine this, man. Here I am, a seven-year-old kid, I have no clue what drugs are, none whatsoever. I come from this blue-collar Christian family. This boy, however, mother was an alcoholic drug addict, so check that out.
Guaranteed this young boy had been molested by some guys she was bringing in and out of there, gets these demons in him, I then get molested, and this addiction demon is passed on to me. I’m seven years old, dude, walking up and down the streets saying, “I got to find drugs,” no clue what drugs were. I just knew that this thing inside of me wanted this, and I had to give it to it. It was compelling me.
I’m walking up and down the streets and I find this piece of candy, and I pick up this candy, run back to this kid, I said, “I found drugs.” Now, bear in mind, I’m a seven-year-old child, but for whatever reason, this thing inside of me said, “That’s good enough.” I take this young boy, and we go and we hide. I break it in half and I give it to him, and I eat this piece of candy, and I’ll never forget what happened.
I started shaking and convulsing head to toe, and I had the most blissful pleasure I’d ever experienced in my entire life. Now, I’ve ate candy my whole life. This isn’t anything new. It’s like, “Oh, he’s got a carbohydrate rush.” Absolutely not. This demon was conditioning me. That’s what this is about. It’s not about eating candy as a seven-year-old kid, it’s “Hey, I’m inside of you. I compel you to do something. You do it. It reinforces the behavior so that every time I compel you, you continue to do it.” This is how this demon of addiction worked within me from a very young age. Again, this isn’t a fun time eating candy as kids. This is a demonic concept of reinforcing possession. When demons are inside of you, they have to reinforce their possession through behavior.
Shortly after that, again, I’m playing with this young boy, and we’re in his grandparents’ garage. He would be dropped off by the mom because she couldn’t take care of him because of being addicted to drugs and alcoholism and all this. Oftentimes, the grandparents would have this boy watching them. We’re in the garage, and I look over, and this thing inside of me is like, “Go get me one of those.” I walk over, and it’s a box of beer. I didn’t know what beer was. Again, I’m seven years old. My parents don’t drink. I have no clue what beer was, but I just knew this thing inside of me was saying, “Give me that.”
I opened the box up. I pull it out. I’m thinking, “What is this?” It looks like pop, whatever, so I open it up, take two, three drinks, give it to the other boy. He does too. We spit it out. It’s disgusting. We’re seven years old, but this thing inside of me was compelling me to addiction. This is what I want you to understand. This happened after I was molested.
The other thing this young boy introduced me to was the concept of a ceremony called a blood brother. Now, I’m not entirely sure. I’ve not Wikipedia this to see if it’s even out there, but I’m pretty certain this was something that came out during the ’70s and the whole hippie movement and maybe even with gangs. I’m not entirely sure, but the ceremony went like this.
You take a pocket knife, you cut your thumb, just a nick at the tip of your thumb, give the knife to the other person, they cut a little mick in the top of their thumb, you squeeze out blood, you bring your thumbs together and you rub your thumbs together and you make a vow. I’m telling you what, dude, when you mix blood and vows together, you are going to get demons, trust me. If you’ve ever made a vow using blood, you got demons.
We’re smearing our bloody thumbs together, and we’re making this vow, “I got your back, you got mine till the day we die,” and so forth. Because of this ceremony, more demons inside of this kid were transferred to me. When you’re demon-possessed, you never just have one demon. They’re like mice. If you’ve got one, believe me, you’ve got more. This boy had plenty of demons inside of him from his home life, unfortunately, very sad, and quite a few of them were passed on to me.
At seven years old, I’m demon possessed. After this, at 11 years old, I was introduced to pornography. I picked up more demons from this. When I work with people, taking them through an exorcism, be it a guy, girl, and they’re addicted to pornography, they got demons. Why is that? Because when you compulsively keep doing something over and over and over and you cannot stop, you are a slave, man, and if you are a slave, guess what? You got a master.
Picked up more demons from the pornography, also was introduced to a Ouija board. I was over a dude’s house one time, and his sister brought out a Ouija board and I was watching them, and they’re doing this, asking it questions and so forth, and it’s answering them. I said, “Well, turn around backwards and ask it questions.” They turn around backwards and they’re holding it like with one hand, this little device, and they’re asking it questions, and this thing’s spelling out the answers, dude, I’m witnessing this.
I look over, I glance over on this bookshelf and I see this Bible. How crazy is that? I said, “Go get that Bible.” They brought it over. I said, “Set it down on the Ouija board.” As soon as that thing hit the Ouija board, the basement door slammed so hard it almost came off the hinges, man. Now, no windows are open. It’s summertime. The air conditioning’s on. The door was completely wide open in the basement, clear to the wall. In other words, push back to the wall. This demon was so angered by this that it slammed that door. The girl started screaming in absolute hysterics, so did the boy. I run out of the house, jump on my bike, and get out of there.
By interacting with this Ouija board, I picked up another demon. Now, a lot of people think that this is just a game and people are being extreme. Oh, come on. This is demons. Absolutely. If you played with a Ouija board, you got demons. How do I know that? Because I did in the people that I work with through exorcisms that’s played with a Ouija board, picked up demons from that.
Another time, I’m in a basement, why is everything got to happen in a basement? Like, “Ooh, let’s go down to the creepy evil demon infested basement and play with evil.” [laughs] Everything’s got to be in a basement, man. If I live down south, there wouldn’t be a basement. What do you do then? I have no clue, but in Ohio, we all got basements.
This other time, we’re down in the basement, and these dudes are going to have a seance. They’re going to get in contact with the dead grandfather. Who does that? Well, a lot of people, but anyhow, they light the candle, and they’re sitting there conjuring what they think is the grandfather. They’re getting in contact with the spirit and the candle is flickering, and I’m just observing. I am not participating, but simply by observing, I picked up another demon. In my early childhood, man, I’m picking up all kinds of demons.
Now, let’s fast forward to 16 years old. Oh, boy, here we go. I’m attending this private Christian school. I start dating this girl. We’re dating for about six months and she wants to have sex. Now, in the Christian religion, it’s instructed that you wait until marriage to have sex. As 16-year-old kids, we really didn’t understand why we sort of got it. Like, “Okay, it’s kind of sacred.” On the other hand, we really didn’t understand why, but what I would find out is what I’m going to share with you now, why we should wait.
This girl says, “I want to have sex.” I say, “I’m a virgin. I want to wait till I’m married.” She says, “Either you give it to me or someone else will.” Talk about manipulation. I was basically emotionally forced into this. Now, let me explain this. I’m not being held at gunpoint, but I love this girl very much, and the thought of another guy having sex with my girlfriend drove me crazy. I said, “Okay.” When we had sex, whew, I’m telling you something evil happened, man.
I can remember when we’re having sex, something overtook this girl, and it was not a sexual frenzy. It was something evil, dude. I’m telling you it was tangibly evil. I can remember feeling this presence come and this darkness overtake me. This was another form of possession. This girl had demons, and guess what? When I had sex with her, I got demons. In fact, she probably got demons from me as well. Remember, I got them through molestation, pornography, a Ouija board, seances. I was picking them up left and right.
Anyhow, not to say that, oh my, these women are so evil and they’re giving me demons, but they did. I got demons from this, man. She wasn’t the only girl I slept with during my teenage years. I wasn’t this massive player, but I’ve been with a handful of women and picked up demons from every single one of them. This is why I would learn the Bible says, I didn’t really understand why we waited, but this is why, because the two become one. When you become one with someone, you get demons. On the other hand, when you get married and have sex, there is a sacredness to it. I’ll get into that later when I get into my exorcism.
I’m picking up these demons through my childhood, through my early teen years. I’m not going to get into everything I interacted with, but there was more than even this. Some of it, I was ignorantly interacting with. Other things, I understood what it was, and I shouldn’t have been doing it. It was a mixture, but nevertheless, I’m demon-possessed.
Understand that a lot of these things that I’m sharing with you, and again, it’s not everything. They’re very common, very common in society, and even encouraged and looked at as fun and a good time. Woohoo, we’re going to go out and have a good time and get loaded with demons. By the way, when demons come in you and possess you, they don’t jump out like a jack in a box, “Hey, I’m here and I’m an evil demon and I’m going to manipulate your emotions and torment you.” No, they silently sit in the background like a cancer and eat at you slowly over time. Their ultimate goal is to have you kill yourself or them kill you. Mission accomplished. That’s what ultimately this is all about.
If they can make everything look fun and load you full of demons and emotionally torment you, or physically torment you until the point you give up and kill yourself, that’s what this is ultimately about, man. I’m loaded with demons in a very young age. I’m not even going to tell you about my 20s and 30s and 40s. [laughs] Anyhow, at an early age, I’m loaded with demons. Let me explain to you now some of the paranormal activity that I experienced because of my demon possession.
Justin Daubenmire: 19 years old, I’m in ICU with a severe case of pericarditis. That’s where the lining of your heart becomes inflamed from a virus, and it was life-threatening. I almost died. I’m in ICU, and at this point, I’m like, “Okay, man, I’m absolutely 100% legitimately giving my life to Jesus Christ in becoming a Christian.” I do, I give my life to Jesus Christ. I say, “I’m going to serve you till the day I die,” and became a Christian.
When I became a Christian, when I sincerely became one, not playing around, and yes, I’m going to church but not really doing what I’m supposed to be doing. When I got serious about this, the demons inside of me were enraged. They were livid. These demons, I mean, are ticked, bro, because now, I’m serious about being a Christian.
The first time I’m attacked by a demon, let me step through this one with you. This is some crazy stuff, man. It’s like I’m 19 years old. It’s about three o’clock in the afternoon. I go into my bedroom. I’m living with my parents, and I lay down on the bed to take a nap. I wake up from the nap, and I’m coming out of sleep but still end sleep, like this transitional state. I was awake though. I could hear birds chirping outside, I had my window open, and all of a sudden, I hear this ancient music playing. It was tribal.
I’m talking stuff way back when, and it sounded middle Eastern. It sounded Egyptian, almost Babylonian. The Bible talks about Babylon, a city back in that day. I just knew, man, dude, this is major, major ancient stuff. You had these rhythmic drums being played. They were clicking sticks together, syncopating rhythm. They were playing these types of tambourines. They had this wooden instrument with ridges in it that they were using a piece of wood to go up and down on it, making this type of raking sound, and then there was this flute. No flute like today, man. I’m talking, dude, this is ancient tribal stuff. They were summoning something. I knew that this is not good and something is coming. I knew it.
About that time, at the end of my bed, a demon appeared. It tangibly appeared in my room, and I remember I could see it. That’s what was so crazy about this whole paranormal thing, is that I physically could see the demon. I could not see the bedroom, I could not see anything but the demon, crystal clear. It’s looking at me and I’m looking at it, and it growled at me. I’ll never forget that. It wasn’t this massive roar like a lion. In fact, it was something along the lines of this “grrrrrrr”. [laughs] but it was definitely similar to that.
When it growled at me, it then paralyzed me so I couldn’t move. Now, this was not neurological sleep paralysis. That’s legit, but this was demonic sleep paralysis. This demon paralyzes me so I can’t move. When it did this, I became enraged. Inside of me, and I’m gritting my teeth, I’m saying to this thing, “You’re going down, you are going down, bro. Come in my room like this, you’re going–” I was furious. This was a fight.
About that time, I’m talking to this thing in my mind because it’s paralyzed me. I can’t open my mouth. About that time, it jumps on top of me and chokes me. It choked me to where I couldn’t breathe, dude. I thought I was going to die. At this point, I’m starting to say, “Jesus.” This is all I know what to do. I got no clue what to do. I’m 19 years old. I’m starting to say Jesus, and this thing won’t let me open my mouth. Inside of my chest, I’m going, “Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.” I was saying, “Jesus, Jesus.” Then slowly, the right side of my mouth started opening where I could say it a little bit, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.”
About that time, I threw this thing off. Now, when I threw it off, it took me with it, and we are rolling around. If you could have got this on video, you would’ve seen me rolling around wrestling and fighting an unseen entity. The whole time I’m rolling around, I’m furious. Bro, I am fighting this thing with righteous anger. I was so mad. I remember I kept saying, “Jesus, Jesus,” as I’m rolling and fighting with this thing, and eventually my mouth opens and I say, “Jesus.” When I said that and got the name out, I threw this thing off of me and it left.
Now, how cool is that? That’s how powerful the name of Jesus Christ is. It wasn’t fun going through that. This would happen for 30 years, man, because no one could help me. I would go to Protestant ministers and say, “Dude, I’m getting attacked by demons,” and they would say they couldn’t help me. In fact, what they would tell me is, “Oh, son, Christians can’t have demons.” I’m like, “Bro, they’re coming into my room and throwing me on the floor. What are you talking about Christians can’t have demons? I got demons, man. Help me.” They couldn’t help me because they didn’t believe that Christians could have demons. I could not find help, man.
Anyhow, the attacks continued.
I remember another time I was sleeping at night and a succubus spirit came into my bedroom. Now, if you don’t know what a succubus spirit is, good for you. That’s a good thing. Basically, it is a female sex spirit. The flip side to that is incubus, which is a male sex spirit. These spirits are dirty and nasty, and they’re all about violating you sexually, typically, in your sleep.
Now, you may be listening to this and saying, “This is absolutely insane,” but hear me out. Go to Wikipedia, look up succubus and incubus, and research it. I’m telling you, this demonic, paranormal phenomena has been around for centuries and people have experienced it a lot. I’m sleeping, this succubus spirit comes in. I’m going to be very explicit here. Very, very explicit. This succubus spirit comes in, it also paralyzes me. I’m in demonic sleep paralysis. I can’t move. It pulls my underwear down to my knees. Then it straddles me and performs 69 on me. There’s nothing I can do because I’m under demonic sleep paralysis. I can’t even move. It’s violating me, and there’s nothing I can do. This is not pleasurable.
If you’re a dude listening to this thing and saying, “Oh yes,” trust me, bro, this is not pleasurable in any way. This is demonic violation. Again, I was furious. I’m saying, “Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.” Again saying, “Jesus,” it’s paralyzed me. This thing’s performing 69. Eventually, I get Jesus out and I throw this thing off me, saying the name of Jesus, and it leaves. It was very clear to me because I turned to Jesus Christ, hands down fully turned to him, committed, they were going to punish me because they knew I didn’t know how to get rid of them.
These attacks went on, man. I can remember that demons would physically walk up to me and stand about a foot away from me. The presence of this demon would be so apparent that the hair on my arms and on my neck would perfectly stand up. I’d have goosebumps all over my body. I would turn to this thing, and I was shaking, but I was not going to show fear. I would turn and look at this thing eye to eye.
Now, this I could not see, I could sense. Again, sensing something is torment. I would sense this thing, and I would say, “I’m not afraid of you. I’m not afraid of you because I have Jesus Christ, and his power is greater than you.” I would stand off to this thing until eventually it would subside and go away, but it was torment. These things would torment me like this for 30 years off and on. It wasn’t every single day, but it was often enough. Dude, my sleep patterns completely changed because of these attacks. As you could imagine, when your sleep’s interrupted like that, you’re not just going to fall back to sleep. Started experiencing insomnia, the anxiety that I had was off the charts. I tried every anxiety med, nothing would help. This went on for a very long time, man.
I remember a friend of mine, Bill. He just got back from Japan. He was a missionary. I’m about 21 years old, and Bill’s back from a mission trip, and he’s in my basement. While he was over there, he witnessed exorcisms happening in a Protestant church. Many people were having demons cast out, and he got a book from the guy performing the exorcisms and read it. He has really not had any formal exorcist training and he’s read one book, and I’m explaining all this torment I’m going through. He says to me– [laughs] I’m laughing because this is actually funny. Him and I crack up about this today, but he says to me, “Have you ever broken an ungodly soul tie?” I’ve never even heard of such a thing. I said, “Bro, what are you talking about an ungodly soul tie?”
He explains to me this concept that when you have sex outside of marriage, you’re doing this in sin and you become one with the girl and the demons that are in her and those demons come in you. I’d never heard this. Now that some of this, a little bit of this is starting to make sense, specifically with the succubus spirit coming in and attacking me. This is starting to make a little bit more sense here.
He said, “I can lead you in a prayer to break this ungodly soul tie because this is why we wait till marriage.” Bill’s explaining this to me that in marriage, it’s sacred, it’s holy. God created this. When you’re married and then you have sex, there’s holiness there. Outside of the marriage bed, demons. I said, “I’m down for this, bro. I just want this torment to quit.” Bill says, “Okay, I’m going to lead you in a prayer.” He starts to lead me in this prayer. [laughs] As he’s leading me in this prayer, a demon manifests. When I say manifest, what I mean is the demon comes inside of me, my eyes become like its eyes, my face contorts into its disposition. My voice, it uses to speak through me, my voice will change similar to its voice, and so forth. This is what I mean by manifestation. This demon manifests, and I blackout, I’m absolutely unconscious to what’s going on but according to Bill, when this thing manifests, by the way, the reason it manifested is because it didn’t want Bill doing this, because if I would have went through with this prayer, it would have lost its right to be there, and could have been expelled.
This is why it stepped up, up until then it was in the background. Anyhow, this thing manifests and it looks at Bill and it says to him, “What a pretty pink shirt.” Bill had a pink shirt on. I’m completely blind. When this demon manifested inside of me, it could see crystal clear, and eventually, this went on for a while. Bill was trying to get rid of this thing. According to him, he was telling me this the other day, he was trying to get rid of this thing and it actually was, he wrestled with this thing, meaning trying to cast it out and get rid of it for almost three hours, and the whole time I was blacked out had no clue. Eventually, it subsides.
It didn’t get cast out, but it subsided and I came back into consciousness and I was exhausted. I’m like, “What’s going on, man?” Like nothing even happened. Like, in my mind, we’re still like saying the prayer. How bizarre is that? These sorts of paranormal phenomena would happen off and on all through my life. Let me explain to you now, my exorcism, and how did I find an exorcist to help me?
Justin Daubenmire: Let’s fast forward. I’m 48 years old. It’s March of 2020 COVID strikes here in America and at this point, I was not serving Jesus Christ. I went through a divorce and I was angry at God for this happening, that I turned from him. Worst mistake I ever made in my life.
Whenever something happens in your life that you don’t understand, you should hold on to God’s hand and go through it with Him. Don’t let go and turn away. I did and the demons inside of me, oh my gosh, man. They pushed me and tormented me relentlessly. They had me into so much addiction. I can remember drinking a gallon. Now listen, not a fifth, not a pint, a gallon of Captain Morgan rum a week. That’s how bad they were compelling me into addiction, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, vaping, smoking pot, going to clubs. I mean, relentlessly tormenting me and pushing me into addiction and they were leveraging the pain.
That’s what the devil does. When you’re down, he comes in and leverages your pain and further deepens his possession and torments you relentlessly. He loves pain. I never should have let go of God’s hand, I should have held on to it, and allowed him to heal me to walk through it with Him. I’m out there in complete addiction, March of 2020, I’m at stage five kidney failure. I’ve been type one diabetic I think for 43 years and it’d done its toll on me. The drinking didn’t help either. I said, “I got to quit drinking and I got to get my life back to Jesus Christ.”
I’m on my knees and in my bedroom and I’m on the side of my bed and I said, “God, I turned from you and I’m sorry. I’m at stage five kidney failure. Years ago, in that church service, you told me that I was going to bring emotional healing and exorcism to many, many people. I’ve yet to do that and I want to do that for you before I die.” I mean, my life is half over at this point. I’m 48 years old, and I knew that my life’s half over, and I’ve not yet done what God wanted me to do. I’m like, God, “I need help, though. I’m going to give my life back to you. I repent of my sin, and Jesus just come back into my life but let’s get this done.
I can’t do this though God if I’m on dialysis, I don’t have the strength. I’m completely exhausted. I can barely function now at stage five kidney failure. Could you please heal my kidneys or bring me a donor, so I can be transplanted so that I can get this done for you, and I promise you God, if you get me a kidney, I will become an exorcist. I know that’s what you want me to do. I will do it. I’m not going to be popular. I’m going to be looked at as somebody that’s quite bizarre, but I’m not doing this for publicity, God, I’m doing it for you. If you can get me a transplant, or heal my kidney, let’s do it.
January 29th, 2021, almost a year later, nine months later, something like that, January 29th, 2021, right in the middle of COVID I go through a kidney transplant. God came through for me. My sister-in-law was the first person to be tested to see if she was compatible, perfect match. This is so rare and I remember my sister-in-law saying, I have complete peace doing this. God has given me this peace. I need to do this. The hand of God was all over this and the people in our lives knew it. They didn’t know at that time why God was doing this. They would find out after that I’m going to become an exorcist.
God did come through for me and this is one of the main reasons I’m an exorcist today. I’ll get into this a little bit later but just understand that March 2020, I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ and promised to Him I’ll become an exorcist but I need help. God, I can’t be an exorcist while I have demons. I got to get rid of them. Help me. How can I get rid of these things? I really had no clue and all of the sudden, while I was praying the name Bob Larson came into my mind. Now if you don’t know who Bob Larson is, he is a Protestant exorcist that today is the most active exorcist in the Protestant community.
He’s performed over 50,000 exorcisms worldwide in over 100 countries. This is what he does on the daily. I heard about Bob Larson when I was 19 years old. He used to have a radio show called Talkback with Bob Larson and I would listen to him but I didn’t really understand that he was an exorcist. I never heard him say I’m an exorcist if you’re needing an exorcism contact me. I don’t ever remember hearing that but I would listen to him, and I knew that he dealt with demons when people would call on the show, but for whatever reason, it just didn’t click. Bob Larson’s name comes into my mind.
Now, I heard of him when I was 19 and now, I’m 48 years old, and I’m like, “Bob Larson? Is that dude even alive?” I jump on my computer and I Googled him and not only is he alive, but he performs exorcisms. I go to his website. He provides virtual exorcism sessions. I sign up for two of them immediately. Next thing you know, I’m on Skype with Dr. Larson sitting across from him. He’s out in Arizona, I’m in Ohio and this was the start of a 14-month exorcism that I went through with him pretty much weekly, sometimes bi-weekly.
The first thing that Larson wanted to do was start breaking curses on my life, ancestral curses from my ancestors. This was a new concept to me. I’d never heard of it. He explained this to me that, my father’s German, my mother’s Irish, all through their family history, there has been many evil acts committed. When someone commits an evil act it opens up the family to demons, and demons not only enter that person that committed the act, but they’re passed on generation, after generation, after generation. We can actually see this concept with drug addiction or even alcoholism. In today’s times they say it’s genetic and they have an illness but from an exorcism perspective, it’s a curse. It’s a demonic curse.
Somehow, something opened that family up, and we can see it passed down from generation to generation. This is the same with many things like on the German side of my family. I mean, dude, we go clear back to Adolf Hitler. I mean, there were Nazis that were Daubenmires, used to be Daubenmeir not Daubenmire. Daubenmire is the Americanized version of the actual name, but just say I can guarantee you that back during World War II, there were Daubenmires that were Nazis, and in that regime and opened up the family, to demons, and a lot more past that. I mean, like my mom’s side, she goes back to Irish, she’s Irish. I’m sorry.
She goes back to Ireland to the druids to the witchcraft, all down through the ancestry of her side. I mean, there is a lot there. I was born with curses on my life. Larson began to lead me in very, very specific prayers to break these ancient curses that were on my life. When I would be led in these specific prayers, demons would manifest, Larson would interrogate them to see how they entered me, and then he would expel them. Curse breaking was a lot of my exorcism process, it was not the only thing that I went through. There was a lot more past that. Keep in mind the first exorcism I ever went through I was 48 years old.
I had 40 some years of opening doors, entry points for demons. There were many, that’s why it took 14 months to get rid of them. They just don’t lay down and say, “Oh, okay, I’ll go.” No, no, no, it’s a wrestling match. They go extremely stubbornly. It takes a lot of effort on the exorcist’s part and on the person being exorcised. After 14 months of many sessions of exorcism, I am 100% demon free.
Justin Daubenmire: Let me explain to you now, some of the benefits that I received from going through an exorcism. Number one, the crippling anxiety that I had for the majority of my life that no anxiety medication could even help, 100% gone as if I’ve never had it. I have no more anxiety whatsoever. Wonderful, wonderful freedom. This is because the anxiety that I had was demon induced. Now, I’m not saying that every single person with anxiety has it from demons. I’m not saying that. People can have anxiety from it genetically being passed onto them, through parents and so forth but that was not the case for me. Mine was demon induced, so when the demons were expelled, so was the anxiety. Thank God, no anxiety whatsoever.
Another huge benefit, every single addiction that I had, 100% instantly stopped. Remember at seven years old, when I was molested and I had that addiction come into me, that was expelled. When it was expelled and it wasn’t just one demon by the way, remember what I said they’re like mice, you get one, you get a lot more than just one. It’s an involved process to get rid of them but when they were cast out, when they were expelled, all of my addictions quit. Every single one of them. The alcoholism doesn’t even faze me man, no craving for it. I can be around it doesn’t even interest me.
Another addiction that I really struggled with this is another one I’ll tell you about is binge eating disorder. I would have this come on me very quickly out of the blue, and I would go and binge eat food uncontrollably, I could not stop. It was as though I was in a trance and I could remember sitting down and eating 3,000 calories in one sitting. After I would eat those, then I’d have to go work out for two and a half hours to burn off the calories, otherwise, I was going to weigh 500 pounds and this went on for years. Interesting to note that it would come on me quickly, that was a demon.
I would enter into a trance-like state that is a symptom of possession. I would uncontrollably eat. I had no control over it whatsoever. Again, demon possession driving that addiction. Why would a demon compel me to eat like that to kill me. High blood sugars diabetic, you can’t eat 3,000 calories in a sitting and think you’re going to live long. They wanted to kill me I was targeted. They don’t want me to be an exorcist and help people. This went on for years and it was torment, absolute torment. This is what binge eating disorder is, it’s best defined as torment. If you’re a binge eater, you understand exactly what I’m talking about. You just can’t control it for whatever reason.
When the demons were cast out of me, the binge eating instantly stopped. Oh my God, what freedom brought through the power of Jesus Christ. What absolute freedom man. If you’re a binge eater you can understand. I no longer have to do anything around food. It’s as though I’d never had binge eating. I’m dead serious like I can go around food. I cook food for my kids all the time, don’t even need to eat it. I just cook for them and serve it to them and move on, put it this way, check this out. My kids they’re gamers, they love their X-boxes and play stations and they’re also active outside.
They’re really into the carbs, right? They like the chips, the pretzels, and your treats here and there, like twinkies or moon pies and these sorts of things. As a way to limit the consumption of this crap food [chuckles] for my kids, I have all the boxes of it in my bedroom, sitting on a computer desk, about five boxes of just crap junk food sitting there. When they want something, they’ll say, “Hey dad, can I have some?” I’ll say, “Yes.” Or, “Hey, Dad can I have some now?” “Wait till tomorrow.” Sitting there on my desk. Now, if you’re a binge eater, can you imagine having five or six boxes of junk food sitting on your dresser and you got the bedroom door shut to go to bed. Are you going to eat it?
You’re darn right you’re going to eat it. You’re going to binge eat every box of it, uncontrollably, doesn’t even phase me. Now, I’m not saying this to be prideful about myself. I’m explaining this to show you the benefits of exorcism and the power of Jesus Christ. I’m not at all bothered by it. None whatsoever, don’t even care to eat it, not even tempted by it. Can go crawl into bed, close my eyes and go to sleep and it doesn’t even bother me, not even a struggle. Wonderful freedom, through going through an exorcism, the binge eating gone. I just want to say again that I’m not saying that every person with binge eating disorder, that this is induced by demons, but it’s a possibility and it may be worth exploring.
The other benefit when I lay my head on the pillow, I am out like a light, complete peace, tranquil peace, a quiet mind, no more racing thoughts keeping me up, racing, racing, racing gone. You know how wonderful this is? The quality of my life has drastically increased. When I go to bed at night now and close my eyes, I’m out, gone. I sleep a solid eight to nine hours every night, uninterrupted. It was another huge benefit because the demons that were in my mind causing the racing thoughts, gone, and when they’re gone, I can sleep.
The other thing I noticed is that I always had these thoughts in my mind all the time, all this chatter, chatter, chatter, nonstop chattering. I used to think that these were my thoughts, why else wouldn’t you? You have all these thoughts and voices in your head and just, all right, these are my thoughts, these are my thoughts. I’ll never forget, I’m sitting in my lazy boy chair. I’m sitting there and this is after being fully exercised, I’m sitting there and all of a sudden, I realize my mind is 100% quiet. I’ll never forget this. I was in such awe over this because I’d never experienced it in my entire life.
I remember sitting there and I started laughing hysterically because of joy. Not any other reason, but blissful joy, at last my mind is quiet. Thank you, Jesus. A quiet mind, you can’t beat that. You know how often people try to find peace through hours of meditation? My mind is just quiet because the demons causing the restlessness were expelled. Awesome, awesome benefits of going through an exorcism. In my case, these benefits are remarkable. The binge eating’s gone, my health has increased drastically because of that out of the equation, my sleep has improved drastically.
Now that’s improved my health as well, my mind is absolutely quiet, it’s no longer racing. There’s not all this chatter, that has increased my health, all areas of my life, body, mind, spirit, 100% improved by going through an exorcism. The question you’re probably wondering at this point, how did I become an exorcist?
Justin Daubenmire: Since I received such amazing results from working with Larson, I absolutely wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel. I’m going to use what worked, right? I was going to learn from Larson himself. His techniques, his strategies absolutely expelled the demons out of me. I have such tangible results that I want to reproduce it. I want to learn it, and so this is what I did. I said I’m going to commit to learning Larson’s strategies and techniques for exorcism. During my exorcism sessions with Larson, I would always open up a notepad document or a Word document.
At the end of my session, I would ask questions and he would knit everything together for me, and explain why he did what he did, and really get into it with me for about 10 minutes at the end of every session. I would take notes. I had a lot of notes from Larson himself. Halfway through my exorcism Larson encouraged me to enroll in his International School of Exorcism. This is a university-style teaching platform where Larson offers 40 courses for you to take to become certified. This is very academic, it’s clinical. I was very impressed with it. It was as though I was sitting in university. That’s what was so cool about this.
It wasn’t kind of like some religious preacher. This was very academic and it appealed to me because I’d been through university. I took 40 courses at the university there, the International School of Exorcism, and received my certification. After this, I started meeting twice a month with north American exorcists who had also been trained by Larson. Each of these exorcists have been doing this for 10 to 20 years. They have tons of experience. There were like 12 to 15 of them. I still meet with them and they helped me substantially because they do it on the daily. They are training, schooling, ramping me up.
I get all kinds of help from these guys. After all of this training, I also purchased most of Dr. Larson’s books. I think pretty much all of them. I would read them two to three times each and study them very intensely. It was as though I was back in university, I was taking this from a very academic approach, not, hey, I’m going to read this book for something to do on a Saturday with a cup of coffee. No. I’m studying because I want to learn. Remember I vowed to God I was going to become an Exorcist. I promised him, you get me the kidney and it’s in me right now I’m going to be an Exorcist. I’m taking this very seriously.
I also spent hours watching Larson’s YouTube videos on exorcism. He performs exorcisms and he has videos. I would watch these, not for entertainment. I’m watching these to study them, so I’m watching them, I’m pausing them, I’m taking down notes, I’m applying the strategies and techniques that I learned from him and from the other exorcists while he’s doing it. He’s doing it, but I’m doing it one step ahead of him to see, am I getting this right? This was my way of studying actual exorcisms with Larson. I also subscribed to his member’s only channel, where he puts out six videos a month at the highest subscription level. I subscribed.
In these videos, he really goes behind the scenes and trains during these exorcisms. He will show these exorcisms, he will pause them and he will train people on what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. It’s just more training and it’s a good way for me to stay in the loop, right? After all this training, I started performing my own exorcisms with people and I do this over Skype or Zoom. The people that I’ve worked with have had wonderful freedom. It is so awesome and a privilege and an honor to serve these people through the power of Jesus Christ and get them freed so that the torment can stop. It’s been an amazing experience so far. It’s been really cool. With all of that said, let me just share a few final thoughts with you.
Justin Daubenmire: If you’re hearing this exorcism demon possession thing for the first time, or maybe you’ve heard it before, you’re probably a little bit intimidated by it. I get that. This can be intimidating based on what you’ve seen, from Hollywood, putting that fear in you and everything else, but this could be a possibility for you and for your freedom. There’s a reason that if you’re demon possessed that the demons within you put fear, torment on you about exorcism, they don’t want expelled. They put horrendous amounts of fear on you about exorcism.
You better not fool with that exorcism. You get over there in that exorcism you’re going to get real messed up. Don’t you do it now. You’re not going to get real messed up. What you’re going to get is freed, a quiet mind and peace, and they know this. They don’t want expelled. Demons crave to be inside of a person. It’s almost torment for them to be outside of a person. They don’t want to go. This is why they put fear on you and honestly, before I was fully exercised, the demons in me, man, they would put fear on me all the time. Just to understand this, that this is a common technique as to why you might be afraid.
They don’t want expelled. They don’t want you getting a hold of an exorcist. The other thing I’d like to share with you for food for thought, not everything’s bipolar disorder. Not everything’s depression, not everything’s anxiety, sometimes it’s demon possession and these symptoms that you experience are demon induce. With that said, I’m all about psychology, psychiatry, and counseling. I think it’s extremely important. My ex-wife is a clinical counselor. Like I said earlier, I was a social work major for two and a half years so I value mental health, it’s essential.
In fact, I think people should see a counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist two to three times a year to help them be well in their emotions and mind. Just like people see a physical doctor, an MD for their physical body. It’s so bizarre to me that people can take care of their physical body and totally neglect their emotional state, by never going to counseling therapy or anything like that. Absolutely essential. I do think that these two things, these two practices need to come together where applicable. It just can’t be 100% psychology all the time, nor can it be 100% demons all the time.
I think it should be a mixture of both. If a psychologist or counselor is working with someone and they recognize that the person is demon-possessed, get them to an exorcist. I will tell you this as an exorcist, I’m always encouraging people to go to counseling after an exorcism, to work through the thought processes and things that have been left behind after exorcism. Even I myself after that 14 months of exorcism, I went to counseling for eight months past that, to work through some of the dysfunctional thought processes left behind from the demons. Please understand I’m all about mental health.
I just think it should be both. I think it’s a grave mistake to say that everything is 100% psychological or 100% demons. If you just say it’s one of those two, it’s like putting a band-aid on a wound. Eventually, it’s going to rip off. If you combine psychology and demon possession using exorcists, the wound can fully heal. You’re going to have a scar. You’re going to see it but the pain is gone. Demons are like splinters. Let me put it to you this way. When you have a splinter in your finger, man, does it hurt? In order to heal, you got to get rid of the splinter. That’s how it is with demons.
A lot of people go to counseling and they still got their splinters inside of them, the demons. They’re always suffering even with medication, even with counseling and therapy, they’re always suffering. Get rid of the splinters and now the counseling and psychology can even be more beneficial.
Justin Daubenmire: And you never know, you may be demon-possessed and this is the first time you’re coming to the realization of it. If that’s you, I’d like to invite you right now to go to my website, justind.com and book a session with me and let’s get rid of your unwanted guests and start moving you toward freedom and a quiet mind. Thanks for listening. Until next time, God bless.

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  1. Justin, that was awesome, very entertaining yet informative. I’ve known you for 35 years and still learn new things about you. Keep up the good fight!

  2. Your story is enlightening people. Though they will face self denial but that’s the enemy’s tactic to keeping people bound. The things of the spirit are spiritually discerned.

    1. It’s been my experience that most people deny demon possession because of fear. Their thought process is – if a demon is inside of me, then this means I am out of control of my own life, and this terrifies me so I will deny demon possession. What they do not understand is that they are not in control of their lives if they have demons. The demons within them are controlling certain aspects of their life through compulsion, temptation, and torment.

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