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Thank you for checking out The Blind Exorcist podcast (TBE). This podcast is about exorcism and setting people free from their torment through the power of Jesus Christ.

I interview guests who have been through an exorcism and we discuss their before and after stories. The individuals are truly amazing, their stories will touch your heart and encourage you.


If you have personally been through an exorcism and are now walking in freedom, I’d love to talk with you about potentially being on the podcast.


Just contact me and if your story is a fit for TBE I will be in touch with you to talk about our interview.


Most of my guests on the podcast are Christians or Catholics who once were tormented by demons. Many didn’t even know that the struggles in their life were being caused by demons until they were set free.


Talk about a fascinating concept!


We aren’t just talking about things that go bump in the night though.


You can expect to hear me interview my guests with questions like:

  • After visiting the medium to talk with your dead grandfather, you started experiencing panic attacks?
  • You were a ghost hunter. When you went out and hunted, what did you find?
  • You had a gentle and loving spirit guide but after you became a Christian it became enraged and attacked you?
  • So you practiced Yoga for several years and because of it you became possessed?
  • You were really into energy healing and the use of reiki – what made you start to question if reiki was demonic?

On the podcast I also touch on other spiritual topics such as: haunted houses, paranormal activity, witchcraft, Satanism, worldwide occult practices, and pretty much anything supernatural from a Christian perspective.


The intent of The Blind Exorcist podcast is to raise awareness that demon possession is real (yes, even among saved Christians), many people suffer from this condition, and there is help for those individuals who want freedom so they can experience authentic peace through the Lord Jesus Christ.


Feel free to binge listen to all the episodes! I know you will find them encouraging.


You can subscribe to TBE on any podcast app on your mobile or tablet.


You also can listen to each episode here on my website.


Each blog post on my website has a picture of the guest I interviewed, a transcription for the episode, and links to content mentioned in the episode.


Welcome to The Blind Exorcist.

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