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Tormented? Living in bondage? Feeling stuck in life?
Does this sound familiar?

It is so hard to enjoy life when you are internally suffering day in and day out!

Signs of Having Demons

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Torment is probably the first thing that we think of when it comes to demon possession. Emotional/mental anguish, sensing or feeling evil spirits, demonic sleep paralysis, nighttime incubus/succubus rape, paranormal activity experienced in the home, loss of time, and hearing voices are some of the more common indicators of having demons.
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Emotional trauma experienced from past abandonment, sexual/physical abuse, betrayal, or rejection make a person feel as if the world has been shattered. These jumbled thoughts and emotions like worthlessness, depression, hatred, rage, and suicidal thoughts can be symptoms of having demons that have entered through the trauma which need expelled.

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A person can become addicted to smoking, alcohol, drugs, gambling, workaholism, pornography, sex, gluttony, and excessive use of social media in order to escape life’s problems. Any compulsive behavior can lead to demon possession. Once entered, the demons enslave the person and intensify the compulsion to where the person cannot resist the addiction.
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Who am I?

Fulfilling Christ’s mission to preach the Gospel, heal the broken-hearted, and set the captives free (Luke 4:18)


Hey there! I am Justin D, and I am also blind. I am a certified exorcist who is extremely passionate about using the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ to kick out the demons who are tormenting you!


They are holding you back from living a peaceful and fulfilled life. And let me tell you, going through an exorcism will change your life – Once and for all!

What is Exorcism?

Because of  Hollywood and exorcist movies, many of us have an over the top image of exorcism. A demon possessed person looking like Frankenstein with a spinning head and vomiting out green pea soup. Yuck! However, real life exorcism is rarely that dramatic and most people really do not understand how easy it is to open a spiritual door that allows demons to enter us and begin to torment our lives. Exorcism is the art of expelling these demons through the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ and stopping the demonic torment.

The bible is very clear about what is right and wrong, but in today’s world, it has become pretty normal to downplay sin. Unfortunately, by being involved with and practicing any sin we can come into agreement with demons. This spiritual agreement with demons allows them to enter our minds and begin to wreak havoc in our lives.

For example, when people feel like God is not answering their prayers, they may take matters into their own hands. Even though they know it is wrong, some may visit a psychic or a medium for answers and this sin opens the door to demon possession.

There are many common things that people interact with in their lives and unknowingly come into agreement with demons. For example: Ouija boards, tarot cards, crystals, mystical candles, magic stones, dream catchers, incense, palm reading, astrology, a prayer wheel, reiki, the law of attraction, a course in miracles, and many other similar things allow demons to enter people’s minds. Once demons enter, they begin to torment and destroy their lives slowly over time.

Many don’t understand that involving themselves in eastern religious practices like Buddhism, Hinduism, meditation, mindfulness practices, and yoga is also a way of summoning and appeasing demonic gods which in turn can enter a person’s mind and begin to torment them emotionally and physically.

Even things in our home that we use as decor or souvenirs that we have collected: certain candles, paintings, masks, pictures, statues, jewelry, spiritual books, crystals, sage, and incense can allow demons into our homes and be a cause for demonic attacks on us and our families.

Worse yet, ancestral curses can be passed onto us through our parents and be active in our lives. Ancestral curses from the past generations like incest, rape, molestation, sexual perversion, suicide, isolation, addiction, murder, worship of false gods, witchcraft, false religions, secret societies, and even poverty. These generational curses may need to be broken in order to get rid of the associated demons who are tormenting us.

There is a powerful way of closing these open doors, canceling ancestral curses, breaking legal agreements, and expelling the associated demons. Through the practice of exorcism, we will address the root of these demonic entry points and bring the firm judgement of the Lord Jesus Christ upon the demons and expel them.


What can an exorcism do for you?

♦ Instead of feeling utterly and hopelessly ‘stuck’, you CAN find freedom and leave your dark prison behind and begin to emotionally heal.

♦ Instead of vaguely thinking about your freedom, you CAN get your freedom and improve the quality of your life.

♦ Instead of hemming and hawing about living a better life, you CAN live free from your demons and make a lasting impact in the world and for the Kingdom of God!

It’s time to kick out your demons, have firm confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ to free you and do the things that you’re meant to do in the world.

Are you ready to join the ranks of people who have kicked out their demons?
Do you have the courage to go through with it?
Are you ready to get out there and fulfill your God-given destiny? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions…

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